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Adventures in Twizzling, et al

Against my better judgment, I bought a bag of Twizzlers on Monday. They are now aged to perfection and taunting me from the corner of my desk. I bet I'm sick by the end of the day. But probably happy.

I contacted my aikido instructor today, asking if I could start up classes again next month. His response was "OH MY GOD YES YOU CAN", which made me feel loved. Now that I have a happy, functional car and such, the drive won't be such a pain. It will, however, still be a Monster Trek of Martial Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in which I drive directly from work to aikido in Burnsville (maybe 6 or 7 miles), leave a few minutes early to drive to St. Louis Park (maybe 7 or 8 miles) for eskrima, and then drive home (another 10 miles). It's well worth the drive, but not when I was driving a car that wanted to rattle itself apart.

No one I work with wants to work today. It's as if the office has been flooded with demotivational gas. Which would be a freaking awesome weapon. "We should probably fend off this invading army." "Yeah, I know. Maybe just ten more minutes on LJ."

Tonight is a writing night - Caribou Coffee and their free wifi rock. I'm working on a new idea with an extremely weird set of physics at oblique angles to ours that involve not!zombies and interlocking universe spheres. Yeah, I know. It makes sense to me, but I bet it sounds incomprehensible to anyone else. Hopefully, the novel will *not* be incomprehensible.

This concludes today's random journal entry. So say we all, and all that.

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