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Fanfic: Lacuna - The X-Files

30 Drabbles in 30 Days - Day Four

Prompt: I love you as fresh meat loves salt - diachrony
Title: Lacuna
Fandom: The X-Files
Spoilers: tiny baby spoilers for "I Want to Believe", nothing that really means anything
Disclaimer: The characters portrayed here, as well as the setting, are property of Chris Carter.

She's taking naps again, he thought. That was never a good sign.

Her fire-and-honey hair was still in its knot at the base of her skull, starting to come undone and spread itself over the throw pillow.

It stung, to see the dark hollows beneath her eyes, a silent reproof for his withdrawal, a shadow of the apathetic beard he'd allowed to grow to add another layer to his hermit crab shell.

Her strength burned him, salt in his never-healing wounds, but he knew he would lose the best part of himself without her. Fox reached out and paused, fingers trembling inches above her cheek.

Somewhere behind him, in another room, a phone began to ring.
Tags: 30di30d, day four, x-files

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