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House MD - House's Head Part 1

I loved this episode - but I'm not sure I'll love where it's going.

This was a truly great episode for watching Hugh Laurie act. I enjoyed House's distraction at the T&A (though I still wonder where his wallet was - maybe they'll get to that?) and how he tore himself away from it to emerge on the crash scene. There was a great shot of him standing outside the strip club and a bright light moved over and past him, making him look extremely cadaverous.

House staying late to read case histories and being hit with a wave of pain that wasn't the leg - lovely and controlled. God, Hugh is a genius.

I didn't buy how he couldn't figure out that the hot chick in his memories was Amber. If *I* figured it out before House, something is wrong. Of course, I don't have a skull fracture and missing memories all wrapped up in emotion, so maybe I don't count.

I'm concerned about the House/Amber insinuation. I realize it's very meta and makes sense in so many ways: House and his obsession with himself, wanting to be closer to Wilson, yadda yadda - but this would lead to a potentially permanent wound to his relationship with Wilson and I am sick sick sick of that! I want happy House/Wilson, for at least a little while! Angst is good, but I also love my banter.

Bah. We'll see what happens with the season finale next week. I may be making a tempest in a teapot.

Now if I could just get my writing brain back from vacation ...
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