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Tonight, on Paranormal State, my latest guilty pleasure:

The Mothman. From Point Pleasant, WV.

First of all, the number of truly honest believers in the Mothman in this episode, combined with the Appalaician (mai spelin suks) accents and OMG CHIP COFFEY THE BEST MEDIUM EVAR!!! has made me extremely happy. And there's also Chief Cornstalk's curse on the town!! And the defunct TNT plant full of scary geese and little dome houses that Chip says are full of Mothman spirits.

If you haven't seen this show, you can watch eps on AE.com. It's totally worth it. The pet cemetery episode is by far the most amusing - not only is Chip Coffey at his personal best there, but you get to see main paranormal boy being fawned over by his bitches. They call them "trainees", but we all know better.

Mothman Merchandise!

I really really want a Mothman t-shirt.
Tags: mothman, paranormal state

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