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Torchwood fanfic: Brownian Motion

Title: Brownian Motion
Pairing: Tosh/Jack/Ianto
Rating/Warning: NC-17
Summary: the morning after
Author's Notes: Follow-up to 'Urban Retreat'. Immense thanks to karaokegal and diachrony for betaing this stubborn fic!
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the characters appearing in this fic are property of the BBC. No copyright infringement is intended.

Part 1: Urban Retreat
Part 3: Clouds in the Evening Sky More Darkly Gather

Mornings after were always incredibly awkward, particularly since Tosh had woken to so few. Gazes slanting downward, blushes, stilted conversation, sudden flashes of a face at the moment of orgasm overlaying the morning's paperwork - it all made for a distracted, disjointed day.

Doubly so when she'd been with both her co-worker and her boss the night before. Tosh cupped her hands over her cheeks, checking for any betraying heat.

Ianto had been awake and gone even before the alarm had buzzed, leaving Tosh and Jack curled up under Jack's coat. She only barely remembered him leaving. Jack's quiet departure had roused her briefly, the opened office door letting in the warm, spiky scent of coffee. When the computer had buzzed at 6 AM, she was alone and cold.

The rush into yesterday's clothing was surreal and furtive, even though she knew Owen and Gwen wouldn't be in for at least another two hours. Skirt on, shirt buttoned, shoes found; one stay-up had an unmistakable run from toe to knee. Bundling them both into one hand, she was looking for a waste bin when a light tap sounded at the door.

Tosh scrambled behind Jack's desk and dropped the handful of beige silk into a drawer. Forcing herself to relax, she pushed back a few errant wisps of hair. "Yes?" The word came out as a mortifying squeak.

The door opened to reveal Ianto, a cup of black coffee in one hand. His face was blank and decorous as a butler's.

"Coffee?" His voice was as cool as his demeanor, the cup perfectly balanced and quiet on its saucer.

She managed a nervous smile, gone as quickly as it had appeared. "Thanks." She took the cup, careful not to touch his fingers in the process; sipped bitterness. She kept her attention on the gentle swirls of steam on the surface of the coffee.

Ianto hadn't moved. Tosh glanced up to see him staring at her, a small furrow between his eyes. She felt an anxious giggle bubbling in her chest, fought it down.

Where had all of last night's confidence gone? She bit the inside of her cheek, then set her cup and saucer down on Jack's desk, still clear of papers and books. The room smelled of coffee and sex.

"Have I messed things up?" The words slipped out, and she found herself gazing up at him, searching his face for any crack in his mask, an indication he saw her. "I don't even know what to say to you right now."

He looked down and away, a wry smile twisting his lips for a moment. "I'm out of my comfort zone myself." He shrugged and continued, "Everything outside this office is exactly the same as it was yesterday, Tosh. I don't think less of you, and Jack is as full of innuendo as ever, but not a titch more." Ianto's voice was distant, placating. "You haven't messed up anything."

A ping of anger propelled her forward to stand well within Ianto's personal space. His brows went up, but he didn't back away.

"Outside this office, nothing's changed?" Tosh reached up to put her hand over his heart. Taking a breath, she asked, "What about inside this office, Ianto?" Her hand moved to clench on his tie; she stilled her fingers after an initial twitch. "The last kiss I had before last night was Owen," Though it still stung to say it, "And I can count my boyfriends on one hand. I don't do this." Her voice came out louder than she'd expected, but she couldn't back down now.

The muscles under her fingers tightened, and he glanced around. Tosh looked down. I've embarrassed him. A lump growing in her throat, she would have pulled away, but Ianto brought both hands up to capture hers.

"I don't know," he objected in a low voice, "I don't know what to think. I'll never know ... never even understand what Jack is thinking."

Jack, it was always Jack with this boy.

"I've laid my cards on the table, Ianto." She felt his fingers close a little tighter around hers, sending a tiny thrill up the back of her neck. "I - I'm not putting a name to it, or restrictions on it, either." Steeling herself, she reached her other hand to Ianto's waist.

I think I need this to be more than nothing. I don't want to wake up alone anymore, not even here.

The realisation was overpowering.

Ianto's eyes crinkled at the edges; he took a deep, deliberate breath and let it out in a whoosh. With a quick movement, he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her wrist. Keeping a firm hold on her fingers, he reached back to the office door.

He called out, "Jack! We'd like to know if you're busy for the next hour or so."

There was a pause, in which Ianto's grip on Tosh intensified. She bit her cheek again, imagining Jack's face grimacing in annoyance, or disgust, or -

Jack's joyous laugh below blew that image away. "You two are insatiable! Lucky me." His steps rang on the stairwell, quick and eager. As he rounded the corner, his handsome face lit in a broad grin, Tosh felt a tiny piece of her anxiety slip away.

Once meant nothing. Twice - at least twice meant potential.

Jack shut the door behind him and pulled Ianto in for a greedy kiss. It deepened, and Ianto let Tosh's fingers slip away. It was like that door had slammed in her face; Tosh stood frozen watching the two men. Ianto choked out a low-pitched moan when Jack shoved down the sober blue suit coat, leaving Ianto's arms tangled in stiff fabric.

Abruptly, Tosh felt like nothing more than a voyeur. She ducked her head and headed for the door. They didn't need her anymore, probably didn't even want her -

Jack's hand on her elbow stopped her short of escape. She looked up, eyes wide.

Ianto had his face buried in Jack's neck, breathing hard. Jack kept his grip on Ianto's jacket, but his eyes were on Tosh.

"Hey," he breathed, his eyes bright, "C'mere."

Lips parted, she glanced back toward Ianto. He twitched a smile that just barely reached his eyes, but held her gaze, not challenging. Like he was waiting to see what she would do. Jack's look sharpened; she could feel it burning her cheek.

"Regrets, Tosh?" His voice was gentle, noncommittal.

"No!" She blurted the word out before thinking, as though she were trying to catch a dropped wineglass. Pausing to turn the thought over in her head, she said in more deliberate tones, "No. No regrets. But - I don't want to end up a third wheel."

Jack cocked his head to one side, the sly smile creeping back onto his face. "God, I hate the relationship talks."

Tosh laughed unwillingly, rubbed the back of her neck. She looked up to see Ianto's rueful grin.

"Do we need to go over this now?" asked Jack politely. He hadn't let go of Ianto, and his other hand moved from Tosh's arm to her collarbone.

Her awareness narrowed to Jack's fingertips sliding beneath the collar of her blouse. A rush of giddiness went through her and she grinned. Reckless now, she put one hand inside Jack's unbuttoned shirt and leaned forward to pull Ianto's face to hers. He responded swiftly, trying to pull his hands free.

Jack clucked his tongue and Tosh opened her eyes to see him twisting Ianto's jacket tightly, keeping him trapped. Ianto pulled away from Tosh, glancing back at Jack in confusion.

Jack's smile was back in full force. He leaned back, letting go of Tosh and locking his office door.

"I have an idea," he said. "Weren't you wearing stockings last night?"

Still pressed against Ianto, Tosh paused, then glanced down to Ianto's pinned arms.

She grinned and let her hand slip down to press her thumb against Ianto's throat, then pulled back and maneuvered behind the desk to retrieve her stockings. Pulling them out of the bottom drawer, she held them up and watched Ianto's face tighten in anticipation. Jack leaned over to whisper something in Ianto's ear.

Tosh pushed away the rational voices muttering in her head, telling her how insane this was, how incredibly wrong. I do far too much thinking, she thought, determined to release control of this situation to someone else for once.

In an echo of last night, Tosh kicked off her shoes and untucked her shirt one-handed. Once freed, she beckoned to Jack. He nodded understanding and marched Ianto to the front of the desk, kicking the chair carelessly to one side. Ianto gasped and tipped up his chin, baring his neck to her. In a quick, savage movement, Jack pulled the jacket the rest of the way from Ianto's shoulders, easily recapturing his wrists as they fell free.

"How good are you with knots?" Jack spoke with his lips a scant inch away from Ianto's skin.

Tosh smiled and reached across the bare wood to trail her fingers over Ianto's quivering face. "To be able to get out of them, I have to know how to make them properly." Ianto is practically hyperventilating. She searched his face, wondering, Could they have done this together before? His muscles were bunching under her hands but he still hadn't said a word.

"Then let's tie him up and have some fun." Jack's voice dipped down to a low, chocolaty register. "Last chance to object, Ianto."

Jack ran his fingers gently through the curls at the nape of Ianto's neck. He seemed frozen under the touch, his gaze fixed on Tosh's face. She sobered, wary of seeing reluctance or fear.

Suddenly, he grinned widely. "Do it."

Abruptly, Jack wrenched Ianto's head to the side and kissed him viciously. Breaking the kiss just as roughly, he summoned Tosh to him with a sharp nod.

"We'll tie him to the desk. Face down." Jack's voice was commanding. Tosh felt a thrill run straight through her and bobbed her head obediently. She saw Jack turn his attention back to Ianto's taut, yearning expression. "And you - not one sound, or I leave you here for the rest of the day."

Ianto inhaled sharply and nodded understanding. Jack smiled and kicked Ianto's feet wide, stepping between them to press against Ianto's back. After a breathless moment, he pushed his prisoner down across the desk, brought his trapped wrists forward and held them for Tosh. She looped her stockings around and over and then knotted them tightly around a drawer pull. Tosh looked up to meet Jack's gaze. He was bent over Ianto's back, both of them were watching her intently. She licked dry lips.

He nodded, then slid his hands back from Ianto's wrists, stopping at his belt. "We don't have time for fooling around this morning." In a smooth, practiced move, Jack unbuckled Ianto's trousers and laid him bare from waist to ankles. Levering his own braces down with his thumbs, he looked up at Tosh.

"Top left drawer."

She fumbled it open, her hands trembling, and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. She paused to let Ianto see them, then handed them over to Jack who was stripping down his own trousers. Seeing him naked from the waist down threw her back to a moment the night before, his cock thrusting inside her as she clawed at the smooth skin on his back. Jack took the bottle and package, stroking her palm with one thumb in the same motion to gain her attention.

"I'm afraid you'll need to be self-sufficient this time ... I hope the show is worth it. We'll make it up to you later."

Tosh felt a spasm of uneasiness roll up her chest, but it was drowned in a wave of fire when Jack rolled on the condom and lube, then pressed the tip of his cock against Ianto's propped up rear. Ianto shivered, pushed himself backwards against Jack.

Jack laughed, a throaty, sexy sound. "Eager little bastard, aren't you?"

Eyes locked on the tableau before her, Tosh leaned back against the wall and hiked up her skirt. She slid her fingers into the warm, wet heat between her thighs and began to breathe harder.

Fingers tracing light, wet circles around her clit, she watched Ianto as he lay entirely submissive under Jack, breath coming fast and ragged, hands fisted around his bonds. Jack accelerated his thrusts achingly slowly, tantalizing Ianto into pushing back in greedy frustration. Laughing, Jack stopped moving altogether and held Ianto with commanding hands. Tosh let her eyes slip half-closed, imagining those hands on her.

"I'm in charge here," he growled mockingly, "I set the pace, you lie still." Ianto strained against him, then went quiescent. Jack thrust in, agonizingly slow, then resumed his own rhythm. Matching it, Tosh could feel sparkles starting at the base of her skull.

This isn't going to take long, she thought.

As if to prove her right, Ianto suddenly arched and shuddered soundlessly, straining against his bonds. Jack laughed.

"Good man," he purred, and thrust hard and fast, fingers gripping Ianto's hips tightly. He closed his eyes and groaned as he came. His face relaxed and he smiled, shaking his hair from his forehead with a satisfied sigh.

Right on the edge, an image in her mind of Jack pressing her roughly up against a wall, those strong fingers around her throat - Tosh closed her eyes on it and shattered like a mirror, waves of pleasure riding through her body. Her hips bucked against her fingers and she let her head drop back.

She came back to herself gradually. When Jack chuckled again, she opened her eyes. He was sliding carefully back from Ianto and slapped him playfully on the rear. Tosh bit her lip, her chest contracting wistfully at the complete surrender and satisfaction in every line of Ianto's body. Jack caught her eyes and his face softened.

"Next time, it'll be you."

Tags: fic:nc-17, fic:threesome, fic:torchwood

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