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09 November 2007 @ 01:38 pm
Criminal Minds is awesome  
So. I've had a crappy few days lately, and what do I do about it? Post about TV!

(and job hunt and write, but that's for a different post)

You know, I caught the first episode of "Criminal Minds", and thought 'eh, whatever'. Then my f'list started getting excited about it, posting recaps and reviews. So I gave it another try.

Now I'm addicted, and I don't even know half of the backstory, which is apparently hugely important in this show, if you get all fannish.

And boy, am I ever.

First of all - ensemble cast FTW! Interesting characters, fully half of which are competent females.

Smarter than average TV crime work.

Use of the term "unsub". I only had seen it before in the Hannibal Lector books, and it's now highly fun, much better than CSI using 'suspect'. Pshaw, I say.

I can tell I'm going to love/hate the new lead character. I like this. Now I just need the backstory so I can understand all the Gideon!love.

I love Hotch with a great and terrible introvert love.

Shemar is the most beautiful man ever. No wonder he was on soap operas. All must swoon over him.

Garcia has awesome lines, though I wish she weren't quite so aggressively "alternative/punk/geek".

I can tell that this show is going to fit most of my tv kinks really well. If only it had sci-fi in it, it would be perfect.

But then, it wouldn't be this show.

I need CM icons. Seriously.
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