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I am no longer squeeing about this movie

Specifically, The Seeker.

They've managed to rip out the heart of the book The Dark is Rising while allowing its shambling corpse to stumble into movie theatres. I love this series. Why theatre gods, why???

First, Will in the movie is American. WTF???!! The books are so British they practically demand tea. Then, they made Max a bad guy. Again, I really liked Max the way he was.

Then, they remove the fact that Merriman is Merlin. Um, wut? Did they think the dumb American audience would find all the information too confusing? And no Lady, another one of my favorite characters?

The only good thing will be Christopher Eccleston as the Dark Rider.

I'll probably still see it, but I'll also still be royally pissed by what they've done to one of my favorite books.
Tags: movie, spoilers, wtfery
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