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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - my thoughts

I’ll put most of it (including all spoilers) behind a cut, for politeness’ sake.

There were a few things that either I missed in the previous books or forgot about, or JKR didn’t explain fully enough for me. Like, when did Dudley get studly? The last I remember, he was a plump bully weeping after the encounter with a dementor.

I’m also confused about the whole Fidelius charm, now. I thought once the original Secret Keeper was dead, the charm dissipated. So when Dumbledore died, the secret instead passed on to the twenty-or-so people whom he’d told? I realize it was an important plot point for 12 Grimmald Place be available, but I’m still not clear on the continuity.

And when did Remus become one-dimensional? I have no problem with the Lupin/Tonks, even though I totally ship Sirius/Lupin. I think they could have been lovely together. But we never got to see it! Suddenly they’re married, Tonks is blissfully unaware of Lupin’s unhappiness, they expect a baby, Lupin freaks out, Lupin’s ok, they both kak in an undescribed battle. I felt – unfulfilled, there.

However, I loved Dobby saving Harry et al. Kreatcher saving the day with an army of house-elves. George feeling “saintly” when he woke up with a hole in his head. The big reveal at the end with the Pensieve. Everyone’s flaws were revealed, and made use of.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people love Snape as a character, but not as a person. I really agree with this. I felt for him as we learned about his childhood and his love for Lily (which I wholeheartedly intend to ship), and his death scene was great. I’m still not clear on what (other than blood) was gushing from his mouth. I was probably reading too fast, but I even went back to re-read that section.

On the whole, I liked it a lot, and I’ll check out the next book she puts out. I’m interested to see if that’s all she has in her. Hopefully not; I really like her world-building.
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