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cursed harry potter & the 4400

Actually, it should be "cursed BarnesandNobel.com". They managed to send my order for the last HP book to the shipping warehouse after I moved but before I noticed they'd frozen the option to change the shipping address.

Since UPS tends to just leave packages on doorsteps, especially BN packages, I'm guessing I just spent money on a present for the unknown new tenant.

And I don't even really think I have the spare cash to buy another copy. Jeez, watch me wank here.

I need some free air, maybe.

I am so pleased with this season of The 4400 so far! The writing is good, the moral ambiguity is getting more ambiguous (even though we all saw the internment camps coming, I mean come on!), and there seems to be a real plan behind the story. I love feeling like the show I'm fangirling over is actually *going* somewhere.

I need 4400 icons.
Tags: 4400, fandom, harry potter

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