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The new office

... is an ice-box.

Seriously, I feel like I need a winter coat. I know they have mainframes and such here, but for cripe's sake!

Cripe's sake = dorkiness. I have dorkitude.

I'm thinking of starting to bring my mac to work so I can write during lunch. I've been woefully neglectful of my novel (god it's still kinda exciting to say that), and I want to get back on the wagon. That would help a lot, since I'm not naturally gregarious with work people and generally wouldn't want to "have lunch" with them much anyway. And then I won't spend time reading ICHC *quite* so much.

I have geeking to do today, about The 4400 which I watched last night thanks to the DVR. *luurrves* But I'll get to that when I have time. Now I must work. And do things. Yes.
Tags: cold as hell, dorkiness, novel, work
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