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Yuletide recs - part 1

This is what I've gleaned so far, from both digging around myself and looking at other people's recs.

The Addams Family The Bridal Path
Wednesday gets married. Appropriately. Set after the second movie.

Sherlock Holmes The Unexpected Affair of the Injured Detective
This feels like it could be one of the original Doyle stories, except for the wonderfully slashy ending. In proper Victorian prose, of course.

Blackadder Goes Forth Whore and Peace
I laughed and laughed at this one. It's just like an episode.

Bladerunner Pride Goeth Before
This one is really sad. The definition of hubris.

Greek Mythology Said Artemis to Mortal Men
This is really sad. Be forewarned, it's written in blank verse, but then I like that so I thought others might, too.

Wicked They Have to Take You In
Ouch. Sibling competition. Very similar in tone to the book.

Norse Mythology The Big Sleep
Long, but well worth it. Loki is not a happy camper.

Riddlemaster of Hed Coin for the Man Who Has Nothing
I love this series, and sounds like this could have been quoting it. Lovely.

The Princess Bride Crumpled Pieces of Paper Found in the Wastebasket of Count Rugen
I love this. Best nickname ever. But it made me feel sorry for Rugen, which is pretty impressive to me.

Sandman darkness and beauty of stars was on my mouth
Creepy as hell, and really really good. The New Corinthian muses about the old.

The Simpsons Five Things Maggie Simpson Never Said
Five versions of Maggie's life. Little vinyettes that work very well.

The Dark is Rising Brenin
Possibly my favorite so far, vying with The Big Sleep for best. Post series, Bran/Will.

Venture Brothers Friends Don't Let Friends Eulogize Drunk
Rusty's dad's funeral. I can just see this happening.

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