September 8th, 2010

TW - Tosh

Silly alphabet meme

A is for ACCENT: I live in Minneapolis. While I do not sound like the folk in the movie Fargo, I cannot deny the existence of some influences. :P

B is for BREAST SIZE: 36-D (seriously, this is a questions? what boy thought this up?)

C is for the CHORE YOU HATE: Bills. Oh god, do I hate doing bills.

D is for my DAD'S NAME: Richard - he goes by Dick. He used to complain that the email filters his work used would filter emails addressed to him by name. Hee.

E is for the ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEM: Um. Pixie Epoxy is the coolest one I can think of.

F is for FAVORITE PERFUME: Queen Crossbones by Arcana.

G is for GOLD OR SILVER: I prefer silver, but whatever.

H is for HOMETOWN: Minneapolis all the way.

I is for INSOMNIA: Sadly, it is.

J is for JOB TITLE: Technical Writer

K is for KIDS: Never ever

L is for LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Apartment, first floor of a duplex

M is for MOM'S BIRTHPLACE: East-central Wisconsin of some sort.

N is for the NUMBER OF APPLES YOU'VE EATEN: what is this I don't even

O is for OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: None I remember


Q is for QUEST: Publication


S is for SIBLINGS: Younger brother.

T is for the TIME YOU WAKE UP: about 7am weekdays, 8-9am weekends

U is for the UNNATURAL HAIR COLORS YOU'VE WORN: my favorite was a color called Egyptian Plum

V is for the VEGETABLE YOU REFUSE TO EAT: beets taste of soil

W is for WORST HABIT: nervous twitchings

X is for the X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: The last one I can remember (outside of tooth x-rays) was for my tubal ligation yay!

Y is for the YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: mushroom fritatta

Z is for ZANY QUIRK: I say "Boobs" as an observation, rather often. And I am a girl.
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