May 26th, 2010


Holy crap it's been forever, lj

I'm stupid busy, but I've been pulled back to lj by the fact that someone seems to want to do a podfic of my 2008 yuletide story "Purgatory".


Maybe I can get back into the habit of posting here. Or at least get reacquainted with my lj friends. Hi!
TW - Tosh

No longer quite so hot

Minneapolis has finally cooled off some. Our spring lasted the traditional weekend and immediately dumped us into sticky heat wave for several days.

This is one of my few days at home, doing laundry and petting the bunny. Most weekdays, I'm at eskrima, or aikido, out with friends or other such stuff. Tomorrow is work followed by aikido followed by eskrima, which keeps me out of the apartment from 8am to 11pm. Friday is work followed by aikido followed by tv watching with some friends. Thank maude for the long weekend. I might just get some sleep.