August 18th, 2004


More oopsie

I renamed all my icons so they credited the creator icon_monkey, and now all my posts have defaulted back to my hedgie picture, and I can't edit them to fix it?!? D'oh. Now I need to post alot to make up for it, I guess.
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Kickboxing amongst the skanky

So ... Wednesday mornings are for kickboxing with Karl (yes dio, his outfits are a source of much amusement, he used to wear shorts with Spongebob Squarepants printed squarely on his crotch, of course most of the highly hormonal women show up hoping to see what's in his pants...). And also, the weekly encounter with a guy I tend to call The Stinky Scary Man.

The SSM is a hulk of a man, with problems. He is one of the stinkiest men I've stood within 6 feet of. The workout begins, and less than 30 seconds later he's oozing out this nearly visible stink cloud that could choke a yak.

His second problem is with impulse control. He nearly assaulted one of the (small) female instructors when she teased him one too many times. The main problem is that you can't tell when he's about to blow. That makes him scary, in my book.

I do sort of hope he loses his temper and takes a swing at Karl. Karl used to kickbox professionally, and has a 3rd degree (I think) black belt in tae kwon do. Karl would wipe the floor with the SSM.
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