Tallian (_tallian_) wrote,

hail, the first day of Fair

No, I'm not lauding the state fair, or the ren-faire. It's apparently the weather that hails the state fair. Literally. Hope all the beasties are in their barns, munching oats.

I don't imagine I'll be going to the fair this year. My soon-to-be ex loves the fair, and I just can't see tormenting him by going. Besides, I have enough stress in my life; I really don't need thousands (literally, see here if you don't believe me) to give me major claustrophobia. And all the animal abuse/death involved involved in farming ... I'll just get my animal cuteness online, thanks.

Ran into my friend Ros last night! He's been in CA for quite a while, so I don't think I've seen him in about four years. Just friended him, so now I'll get updates!

Today: drugged so I don't have back spasms. Still had to go to work, because I have no PTO. So lame.
Tags: musclespasm, ros, state fair
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