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31 July 2006 @ 02:20 pm
In which the city of Saint Paul beats me over the head  

Ok, so I'll cop to leaving my non-running vintage Beetle on the street in the same place for too long. It wasn't abandoned, it just wouldn't run. I did, however, buy my liscense tabs in time, and legally. The bureucratic machine failed to register my purchase of said stupid stickers that say I paid my car liscense fee for this year, and instead told The Man that I must have stolen the stickers. Poor Beetle, it got towed.

So, not only did I have to pay nearly $300 to get my damn car out of hock, but they kept my liscense plates to "prove" I was bad. I can't even park the car anywhere now, since I don't have a garage. Adding insult to injury, they want to fine me for their mistake. And in order to get out of this minotaur-maze of red tape, I have to take PTO during the day to go argue with bureaucrats that don't care.

I'm not looking forward to my City Worker Confrontation. I may actually get mad and (characteristically) burst into tears.

*growls to avoid sniffling*
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