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TW - Tosh

Silly alphabet meme

A is for ACCENT: I live in Minneapolis. While I do not sound like the folk in the movie Fargo, I cannot deny the existence of some influences. :P

B is for BREAST SIZE: 36-D (seriously, this is a questions? what boy thought this up?)

C is for the CHORE YOU HATE: Bills. Oh god, do I hate doing bills.

D is for my DAD'S NAME: Richard - he goes by Dick. He used to complain that the email filters his work used would filter emails addressed to him by name. Hee.

E is for the ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEM: Um. Pixie Epoxy is the coolest one I can think of.

F is for FAVORITE PERFUME: Queen Crossbones by Arcana.

G is for GOLD OR SILVER: I prefer silver, but whatever.

H is for HOMETOWN: Minneapolis all the way.

I is for INSOMNIA: Sadly, it is.

J is for JOB TITLE: Technical Writer

K is for KIDS: Never ever

L is for LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Apartment, first floor of a duplex

M is for MOM'S BIRTHPLACE: East-central Wisconsin of some sort.

N is for the NUMBER OF APPLES YOU'VE EATEN: what is this I don't even

O is for OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: None I remember


Q is for QUEST: Publication


S is for SIBLINGS: Younger brother.

T is for the TIME YOU WAKE UP: about 7am weekdays, 8-9am weekends

U is for the UNNATURAL HAIR COLORS YOU'VE WORN: my favorite was a color called Egyptian Plum

V is for the VEGETABLE YOU REFUSE TO EAT: beets taste of soil

W is for WORST HABIT: nervous twitchings

X is for the X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: The last one I can remember (outside of tooth x-rays) was for my tubal ligation yay!

Y is for the YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: mushroom fritatta

Z is for ZANY QUIRK: I say "Boobs" as an observation, rather often. And I am a girl.
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TW - Tosh

More randomness - Friday edition

Am I the only person who has an unbearable love for bran muffins? The texture is so very flaky and yet dense, and the flavor is interestingly dark. Fricking yum.

It may also have something to do with the fact that this particular bran muffin is so soaked in honey that I have to eat it with a fork. HELLO I LOVE MY CARBS AND NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE THEM AWAY FROM MEEEEE.

Last night's eskrima class was a blast. diachrony, you would have loved watching. We were working with two-stick matching and mirroring patterns as brain teasers, and a lot of it looked like dance. It was really fun, though I'll be glad to get back to more fight-oriented stuff next week. Hitting things with sticks keeps me sane.

The office is practically barren today. Nothing going on, boredom and a headache starting in my temples. I may end up leaving early. That way I can do some laundry, get a nap in, and have some actual energy for movie night at a friend's house. We've been told to come in our jammies, which is always good. I expect the movie to suck (Paranormal Activities, filmed in patented Shaky-Cam, featuring Nau-see-uh-vision), but the company should make up for it. And besides, I enjoy making fun of bad movies! I want to see Piranha 3D, after all.

OK, time for some Excedrin.
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Adventures in Twizzling, et al

Against my better judgment, I bought a bag of Twizzlers on Monday. They are now aged to perfection and taunting me from the corner of my desk. I bet I'm sick by the end of the day. But probably happy.

I contacted my aikido instructor today, asking if I could start up classes again next month. His response was "OH MY GOD YES YOU CAN", which made me feel loved. Now that I have a happy, functional car and such, the drive won't be such a pain. It will, however, still be a Monster Trek of Martial Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in which I drive directly from work to aikido in Burnsville (maybe 6 or 7 miles), leave a few minutes early to drive to St. Louis Park (maybe 7 or 8 miles) for eskrima, and then drive home (another 10 miles). It's well worth the drive, but not when I was driving a car that wanted to rattle itself apart.

No one I work with wants to work today. It's as if the office has been flooded with demotivational gas. Which would be a freaking awesome weapon. "We should probably fend off this invading army." "Yeah, I know. Maybe just ten more minutes on LJ."

Tonight is a writing night - Caribou Coffee and their free wifi rock. I'm working on a new idea with an extremely weird set of physics at oblique angles to ours that involve not!zombies and interlocking universe spheres. Yeah, I know. It makes sense to me, but I bet it sounds incomprehensible to anyone else. Hopefully, the novel will *not* be incomprehensible.

This concludes today's random journal entry. So say we all, and all that.
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Annoying brain is annoying

It's really come home to me in the past few weeks how closely tied my migraines are to my current level of denial. When I'm trying to avoid something unpleasant, I get almost one a week.

Last night I got one in between aikido and eskrima, so I spent the hour-and-a-half class trying to relax enough so that I could participate. I would have just gone home, but the classes are absolutely vital for my psychological health, and turning into a bed-slug is just a bad plan all the way around.

So here I am, at work, contemplating skipping aikido for the night so I can get to bed at a decent hour. And get up and go back to aikido for open gym on Saturday. Gotta get ready for that belt test, whenever they decide to set it.

On the plus side - I got the first draft of the unicorn-pegasus-kitten story finished!
TW - Tosh - lady geek

Oh lord, it begins

The working title for my Wheaton-clown-Scalzi-orc-kitten fic:

The Conquest of Scalzi the Humorless

I suspect this is going to be fun regardless of the outcome of the contest.

bwah ha ha ha

Learning to relax

It's probably insanely ironic that I take martial arts classes in order to relax. To someone who's never taken a class, or isn't wired like I am, martial arts can't look at all relaxing. The idea is to hurt someone! How can you possibly relax!!!

Thing is, to be good at *any* martial art, you have to be relaxed. The more wired and tense you are, the harder everything is. When you get excited/scared/angry, your field of vision narrows, your muscles tense, your movements become jerky. Not only is this bad for performing a technique, it also gives your opponent something to work with and use against you.

I take two martial arts. I've been in eskrima for about two years, and aikido for about six months. They're both very different: one is very hard (aggressive, bone and joint breaks, weapons, etc.), the other is very soft (revolves around not hurting your opponent any more than you have to, almost entirely defensive). I love the balance this brings.

Another bit - martial arts are a spectacular way to blow off steam. I've got an anxiety disorder, and giving myself time (and confidence!) to beat things with sticks or toss 300 lb men around like they're made of paper is exhilarating.