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Im in a phone nightmare. 45 minutes of 'thank you for your patience...' WELL FUCK YOU COOP BANK, PICK THE FUCK UP.

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Goth Detectives

More Portraits... Sorry :s

Recent happenings:

Mark had car broken into and his stuff stolen :( Hes very upset.

ATP happened, only briefly for me.

Frustrating political shit.

Went to Slimbridge (WWT) and Mark got beaten up by a moorhen!

Other stuff.

Anyway, heres another portrait update because I cant stop drawing.

Ringtail Lemurs

Ringtail Lemurs

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Eternal Sunshine

Portrait Update

Thought I should stick some drawings into my journal.

So far my new years resolution of drawing a portrait at least once a month is going well, Although the Basilisk I did felt like a year. It was painfully slow and turned out crap.

I also dont have a picture of the Highland Bull me and Mark did together for Georges dad. Mark?

The Siamese cats were a commission from Marks aunt Sarah. They are a birthday present to her friend. I dont think Sarah liked it :( She should have asked a real artist to do it.

Sorry about camera glare.
My Brain is Tiny!

One of those days

You know those days that happen when everything goes wrong? Or not that everything is wrong, you just seem to be incapable of the most basic of tasks? This usually happens when one is extremely hungover. Not when youre feeling completely fine.

Today my alarm went off 10 times before I got up. Then I hit my head on the shower door really HARD. But Its ok Im still waking up. Then I nearly drove into the back of somebody on the way to work. Only a fool, 2 second rule Lon you idiot. I couldnt reverse into a parking space because the car was playing tricks on my mind. I couldnt close the lift to get to the staff room so I risked going up the stairs, only to set the alarm off. I put my uniform on backwards. I cut every single finger cutting up sandeels. I lost the work van in the car park even though it was right infront of me. Meal worms had a party in the back of mr work van when I turned a corner and spilt the tray. There was no petrol in work van. At Hollywood Towers Estate I caught my already cut fingers in every latch and catch, banged my head on every shelf, tripped over every weed. Dropped the watering can whenever I filled it up. Had to dig worms up, only to find I have worm blindness. I think I broke an incubator. None of this bothered me that much, just thought I was being silly thinking I was cursed and pursued a jolly path to happyness. But then I tried to get into the car park at the main site which involves sticking my hand out the window with a card to make the machine go beep to open the gates. Before It went beep I dropped the card out the window, the van rolled back ever so slightly, and I got out to look for the card. The van had rolled onto the card. Car park staff arrive and start laughing at me. After eventually getting the card I stalled the van repeatedly. On my way up to stores I dropped the food box and said fuck infront of some kiddies :s In stores I danced with Pete to Ridin Dirty and threw some pulses at various other keepers.

Thank god thats over.
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My Brain is Tiny!

Darwin, w00t!



The scottish have street parties and a holiday for a self obsessed poet named Burns... why the hell dont we have anything like that for the greatest scientist of all time?
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Eternal Sunshine

I <3 Snow

Last week was fun. The TV was all like "blah blah the world is ending", but as soon as I step out the front door all I can hear is people laughing and giggling with a few excited screeches. Which would suggest people like the end of the world. I certainly did.

It turns out my car was broken into and someone tried hotwiring it, but the battery was flat so they just pissed about with the wiring and ran off. Which means I have to fork out a fortune because they couldnt be bothered to steal it properly. Mark says there be no crimes in sleepy Cheddar. I want to move back to the ghettos of Yeovil.

I did a drawing again. I know, boring.


At last!

I have been offered a job! Hazzah!

There are 2 problems.

A) Its only seasonal.

B) I have no transport.

However, the greatness of this job heavily outweighs these two minor problems. How Im going to be able to get there, Im sure will resolve itself with a bit of thinking...

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Goth Detectives

Is it normal for a dog to like porridge this much?

Finally things seem to be moving. The jobcentre are giving me over £900 after cocking things up. There are more jobs to apply for, and I am finally getting some interviews ^_^

Last week I combed out my dreadlocks for my interview yesterday. It was extremely painful, took 4 entire days, and my head hurts every time I rest it on anything. The interview was OK, the manager man was lovely and jolly. The assistant manager man was scary and off putting. The pay is extremely high, which would indicate I wont get the job. Everywhere I looked, Bristol was just grey. I cant remember seeing any other colour. Its like stepping into a b&w film. I did see the river though, which was a brown/grey, so thats something. I have another job interview at Bristol Zoo next monday, so Ill take some colour cards to remind myself what colours look like.

Marks uncle has an admin job going at his company. Ive said I will apply, and I fully intend to. However the job spec he sent me is all management jargon and Im very worried about sending in my CV through pure embarrasement. I dont even know what his company is called, lol. And I only vaguely know what they do.

Gemma sent me a link for Dog Aid who are looking for voluntary dog trainers in this area, so Ive asked for an application pack. Exciting!

I have another commission to do, yay! But Marks piss arsing about with the photos so I cant start it yet. And the gallery told him they are going to start advertising the shop in papers, and they want to use one of my drawings in the ad X)

So from my depressing bleakness comes some form of hope. I hope its not false ^_^
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