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♥ forever is fine

we'll stop the clock together;

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& we'll be a dream
12 December 1989


christy. twenty. fan girl. college student.
taylor swift. jordin sparks. miley cyrus.
jonas brothers.
selena gomez. audrey hepburn.
katie cassidy. demi lovato. lea michele.
sophia bush. dianna agron. jessica stroup.
ashley tisdale. vanessa hudgens. minka kelly.
taylor & joseph. nick & miley. selena & demi
brooke & lucas. finn & rachel. logan & veronica.
LOST. grey's anatomy. gossip girl. 90210.
melrose place. harper's island. veronica mars. glee.
breakfast at tiffany's. moulin rouge. rent.

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i'd stop the world if it finally let us be alone.

back up, baby back up. please back up.
did you forget everything? you said forever and always.


layout: palebird
jordin gif: bttrlftunsd
demi/selena gif: bokayjunkie
friends only banner: catch0621
user info banner: _takemebabyx
moodtheme: statesapart @ whisperwars

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