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fic: the one thing i need

Title: The One Thing I Need
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez
Summary: Demi & Selena get stuck under the mistletoe.
Authors note: This fic idea randomly came to me, so yeah. But, it’s dedicated to Aimy (aimyleigh) and Steph (dl4sg_unbroken). Merry Christmas girlies, I love you. <3

Christmas time was one of Selena’s favorite times of year. Who didn’t love Christmas, after all? Demi had been over at Selena’s house for the day. The two of them were baking Christmas cookies. They hadn’t seen each other in awhile, but they were glad they both were home for the holidays. It was a relief to just spend time together with her best friend. The only problem was that lately she was thinking of Demi as more than a best friend. It was kind of weird, but… She loved her. She really did…

“Alright, Sel, I’ve gotta get going,” Demi told her as the last batch of cookies were pulled out of the oven. “Mom wants Dallas and I to make dinner,” Demi laughed lightly. “But I’ll stop by tomorrow with your gift?”

Selena smiled, “Of course.” She nodded her head, walking around the counter. “Annual gift exchange, duh.” She let out a small giggle as she and Demi headed towards the door. Selena opened the front door for her, and Demi started to walk out. But then she turned back around to say something, which got the two of them caught right underneath the mistletoe that her mother obnoxiously hung above the front door. Like, what a silly place. People were coming and going all the time!

Selena didn’t mind, though, because if gave her a reason to kiss Demi. She knew that it was wrong. She knew that Demi was just her best friend, but that just… She didn’t care. She just wanted to kiss her and hold her and… Selena let out a sigh, glancing up at the mistletoe with a laugh. Demi looked up too, staring at it for a moment. Then she brought her eyes back down to Selena. Demi opened her mouth to say something, but before she knew it, Selena’s lips were upon hers.

Selena kissed her gently and slowly. Demi was kind of in shock, but for some reason she didn’t pull away. She kissed Selena back softly, eventually pulling away. Demi just kind of stared at Selena. Neither of them knew what to say. Selena let out a nervous laugh. “See you tomorrow,” She smiled a little bit. She’d give anything to just kiss Demi for as long as she wanted.

Demi nodded her head and then left. Selena shut the front door, leaning back against it once it was shut. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Sure, they could just blame the kiss on the mistletoe, but Selena knew it was more than that.


Selena’s parents were out, so she was home alone for the time being. Demi was stopping by later so they could exchange gifts, but until then she was alone. To be honest, she was glad. Ever since she kissed Demi she had so many thoughts running through her head. To be honest, she just really, really wanted Demi. The thoughts had just been driving her crazy. She never realized how sexually attracted she was to Demi until they shared that kiss. She doubted it would ever happen, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t fantasize.

Selena let out a soft sigh as she undressed herself. She knew it was wrong, but damn it, she didn’t care. She was so turned on by thoughts of Demi. Selena smiled, laying herself down on her bed. She slowly let her hands trail over her bare breasts, closing her eyes as her fingertips brushed across her stomach. It wasn’t like this was the first time Selena touched herself, after all. It was becoming quite natural lately, actually. She found herself thinking of Demi once or twice, but today… Today it was different.

Selena trailed her fingertips over her abdomen, slowly slipping her hand in between her legs. She spread her legs, making sure there was room for her hand. Then she started to rub slow circles on her clit, letting out quiet, short moans with every movement. Selena started to massage her breast with her free hand, letting her other hand trail down further. She let out a gasp as she shoved her fingers inside of her. She smiled softly, throwing her head back against her pillows as she shoved her fingers in and out of her as fast as she could. Selena arched her back, letting out a loud moan as she continued to thrust her fingers inside of her.

Meanwhile, Demi decided that it would be a good idea to head over to Selena’s early. She really wanted to talk to her about that kiss. Demi thought it was kinda weird, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she really cared about Selena - in a more than friends way, and she wanted to tell her that. She needed to let her know. She sighed softly, slowly climbing the stairs to Selena’s room. She reached for the door knob, slowly pushing the door open. Demi’s eyes widened when she heard a moan. She looked up, spotting a completely naked Selena touching herself. Demi stopped in her tracks, just watching her best friend from a distance. All it took was that moment for Demi to realize that she really did want Selena. Because damn, she was really turned on now.

Selena started to shove her fingers inside of her faster and faster with each breath she took. She was almost to her climax when she spotted Demi out of the corner of her eye. She let out a small scream as she pulled her fingers out of herself, quickly covering herself with the covers. She was embarrassed. Really embarrassed. She laughed nervously, awkwardly staring at Demi.

Demi frowned a little when Selena stopped. She was really enjoying the show. Then Demi smirked, getting an idea. Now she realized that it was obvious that they wanted each other. Selena was the one that kissed her, and now she couldn’t even keep her mind off of the sight of Selena’s perfect naked body. And it just… It all made sense now. Demi slowly started to walk towards Selena’s bed, shedding herself of some clothes along the way.

“Demi…” Selena said, kind of confused. “Shh,” Demi whispered, climbing onto the bed with her. “It’s okay. I want you, Sel,” The brunette whispered, hovering over Selena. She leaned down, kissing her softly. Selena was surprised, but she sure as hell wasn’t complaining. Demi slowly pulled the blanket away, revealing Selena’s perfect naked body once again. Demi smirked, pressing kisses down Selena’s body until she reached her vagina. Demi pushed Selena’s legs apart, situating herself between her legs. “Demi,” Selena practically moaned, looking down at her best friend situating herself between her legs. This couldn’t be reality, could it?

Demi shoved her fingers inside of Selena with no warning, and the girl let out a gasp. Yeah, this was definitely reality. “Oh god,” She moaned, throwing her head back against her pillows. Out of all the times she had pleasured herself, none of them felt as good as what Demi was doing right now. Demi smiled as she leaned down, pressing a kiss above Selena’s clit. She let out a giggle, and the vibrations against Selena’s skin drove her crazy. Demi slowly moved her tongue along her clit, moving it up and down with the movements of her fingers. Demi never thought she’d ever do something like this, but damn, Selena tasted delicious.

Selena moaned, loving the feeling of Demi inside of her. God, she couldn’t wait to put her hands wherever she wanted on Demi. But for now, she would surely let Demi do as she pleased. “Oh my god, Demi,” Selena breathlessly moaned, arching her back as she felt Demi’s movements because faster and harder. “Demi, god, harder,” She begged the girl. Selena smiled, letting out a moan when Demi picked up the pace. “Oh Demi. Yes, god,” She moaned, moving her hips in a circular motion. “My god, Demi!” She screamed, finally coming beyond the point of no return. She let out a loud moan, letting all of her juices come flowing out of her body. She relaxed against her bed, her breathing heavily.

Demi smirked, pleased that she could make Selena scream like that on her first try. She licked up all Selena’s juices before kissing her way back up her body. She let her hand linger in between her legs, rubbing slow circles around her clit as she brought her mouth to Selena’s. Selena let out a moan into Demi’s mouth, biting down on Demi’s bottom lip after a moment. “God, Demi.” Selena quietly moaned into her mouth.

Demi giggled, not saying a single word. She just kissed her softly, letting her tongue explore the inside of Selena’s mouth as she continued to rub her clit softly. Selena let out soft moans every so often from the contact with her clit, but she wasn’t complaining. This was the best Christmas ever.
Tags: fic, for: aimy darling, for: stephmeanie, ship: demi & selena
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