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fic: i want your love

Title: I Want Your Love
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Nick/Miley; brief Miley/Liam mentions
Summary: Miley's tired of Nick being picky and choosey when it comes to their relationship. She just wants to be with him, but is it too much?
Authors note: This fic is written just for my Jory (hockeycanada87). Merry (early) Christmas, my Jorykins. I hope you like it.

Tonight the boys had a show in Puerto Rico. Nick was probably the most excited for the show, and although that wasn’t out of the ordinary, it was still weird. He was really excited. But everyone knew why he was excited. Miley was coming. Nick asked her months ago, and she’d promised she’d be there to sing Before the Storm with him. It had been awhile since they saw each other - a few months, actually - so Nick figured Miley was just as excited as him. He’d been looking forward to this show for the past week.

But that wasn’t the case.

Miley called Nick a few days before the show. She told him that she couldn’t come; she was in Paris. Paris? Why? She was supposed to be here, in Puerto Rico, with him. Nick was sitting in his dressing room, sure he’d remember this phone call all night. And he… to be honest he didn’t know if he’d be able to perform feeling like this. The show was about to start, but he just couldn’t stop replaying the phone call over in his head.

Nick was playing a few random chords on his guitar when he heard his phone buzz. He grabbed it, a smile on his face when he saw Miley’s name on the screen. “Hey Miles,” He answered the phone, setting his guitar aside.

“Hi,” Miley responded. Nick noticed something different. Her voice was quiet, distant, different. He frowned a little, wondering why she sounded that way. It was funny that he could tell just by one word that Miley was upset about something.

“What’s up?” He asked, sitting up from where he was sitting.

“Oh, I…” Miley trailed off. She didn’t know how to tell him this. She’d forgotten about the concert in Puerto Rico, and now she was in Paris. With Liam. Nick was going to hate her. But they weren’t together, so Miley didn’t think it mattered. She was with Liam. Liam wasn’t complicated. Liam didn’t pick and choose when he wanted to be with her. But that was always what Nick did. One day he wanted her and the next he was telling her to stop calling. It was too much. Liam was her distraction. She loved Nick. She loved him more than anything in the whole world. Nothing would ever change that. But Liam… “I’m in Paris.” Miley said, closing her eyes, millions of miles away from Nick.

“Oh?” Nick asked, raising an eyebrow all though Miley couldn’t see him. “I didn’t know you were going to Paris. I can’t wait to see you Sunday.” Nick smiled.

Miley let out a long sigh. This was hard for her, but… “I’m not coming, Nick.” She said, closing her eyes. “I forgot. About the concert. So I’m in Paris. With Liam.” Miley told him. It couldn’t hurt to be honest, could it?

Nick stared blankly ahead of him. She was with Liam in Paris? She forgot about the concert? But they’d planned this months ago… She promised she’d come… “What?” Nick finally managed to say. “Miley, you promised,” Nick reminded her. Yeah, he was kinda upset.

“I know…” Miley trailed off. She didn’t know what to say now. “Nick, I just can’t anymore. I can’t be there just when you want me to be. I’m tired of seeing you only when it’s convenient for you. I’m tired of hiding. I’m tired for fighting. We can’t do this anymore. Bye Nick. I’ll always love you.” She said, hanging up the phone before he could say another word.

“Miles, come on…” He started, but then he heard a faint click on the other line. “I love you too,” He whispered into the phone, even though she already hung up.

There was a loud knock on the door, and Nick practically jumped out of his seat. “Nick, show time,” Big Rob said, opening the door. Nick sighed, climbing out of his chair, heading out of the room.


Nick tried his hardest to forget about the fact that Miley was off in Paris with Liam. But, the whole show that was all that was on his mind. Finally it was time to sing Before The Storm. Joe and Kevin told him it was fine if they played a different song instead, but Nick didn’t want to. He’d sing it alone.

“Well, this next song is a duet.” Nick said, looking out at the crowd. “But unfortunately, that someone special couldn’t be here tonight.” He said, starting to play the opening chords on his guitar. That was when Nick heard screams - loud, really loud screams. And there was lots of pointing. He slowly turned his head, spotting Miley walking onto the stage. He just stared at her, watching her continue to move towards him. Was this a dream? Miley was in Paris…

“How ya’ll doing?” Miley asked, a smile on her face as she reached Nick. She pulled Nick into a quick hug, leaning up to whisper into his ear, “I’m sorry,” She whispered, pulling away from him.

The truth was it took Miley until the night before to realize that Nick was all she ever wanted. It didn’t matter. So, she broke things off with Liam and hopped on a plane. She almost thought she’d miss the concert, but she got there just in time. The were still three songs away from Before The Storm when she had arrived. And the smile on Nick’s face was enough to make her happy forever. She smiled, glancing over at him. Then the two of them gave the most epic Before The Storm performance ever. “Miley Cyrus, everybody!” Nick said, watching Miley wave to the crowd and then head off of the stage. Well, this night was pretty good after all.


For the rest of the show, Miley waited in Nick’s dressing room. She had so much to say and so much to apologize for. She was glad she was able to make it here in time though. She hated hurting Nick, but he hurt her a lot too. She just wanted them to stop hurting each other. She wanted them to be happy. Her and Nick had been on and off for so long… She just… She wanted them to be together.


Miley made herself comfortable on the couch. She laid back against it, humming quietly to the music she heard through the walls. After awhile, she fell asleep to the sound of Nick’s voice.

“Miley?” Nick asked, coming into his dressing room. He smiled, locking the door to his dressing room. When he saw she was sleeping, he chuckled to himself. He reached over, picking her tiny body up. Then he sat down on the couch, laying her in his lap. He held her close, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Miley let out a groan, blinking her eyes open. “Nicky,” She smiled, slinking her arms around his neck. “Hi…” She laughed. “I guess I… fell asleep.” She yawned, sitting up so she was straddling his waist.

Nick nodded his head at her. Then he took a deep breath. “That stuff you said… On the phone… I’m so sorry.” Nick told her.

Miley’s eyes studied his face, eventually locking her eyes with his again. “Shh…” She whispered, pressing her lips to his. They didn’t need to talk. They both knew they were sorry. They just needed to enjoy the time they had together right now. They both knew they only had a limited time to spend together. This was typical for them, though. They often found themselves hooking up as quick as they could. She didn’t want it to be like that, not this time, but it was the only way. Miley slipped her hands underneath the hem of his shirt, slowly pulling up upwards, “I just want you, Nicky,” She whispered. “Forever,” She mumbled against his lips, pulling his shirt further up his chest.

Nick kissed her back. He kissed her softly at first, but after a moment he deepened the kiss, his hands tightly on Miley’s waist. After a moment, Nick pulled away, letting Miley take his shirt off. Then he instantly reconnected their lips again. It had been so long she he had the chance to hold her, to touch her, to kiss her. He missed everything about it. “Me too,” He breathlessly mumbled against her lips.

Miley smiled, pulling away from her on and off again boyfriend; she hoped they could just be on and stop the off part though. She stood up from where she was sitting on his lap, which caused Nick to groan from the lack of physical touch. She giggled, looking down at the bulge in his pants. Then she simply reached behind her, unzipping her dress. She slowly let it slip off her shoulders, eventually falling to the floor. She smiled, standing in front of Nick in only her bra and panties now.

Nick looked at her, his eyes scanning over her entire body. God, she was beautiful She was flawless. She was perfect. And most of all, she was his. Nick smiled, watching her walk to the other side of the room. She came back with a condom, and by this time Nick had managed to get his pants off.

Miley smirked, biting her bottom lip. She let out a giggle as she laid herself down onto the couch. She’d never had sex on a couch before, so she didn’t know how this was going to work out exactly, but… Actually, the only place she’d ever had sex was in a bed, and that was with Nick, and they figured that out so she assumed they could figure this out too. It was a big couch, so that helped.

Nick crawled onto the couch, hovering over Miley. He placed his hands on either side of her, careful not to crush her. Then he leaned down, pressing soft kisses on her lips. He slowly kissed his way down to her neck while one of his hands made his way behind her back, where he unclasped her bra. Miley let out moan when she felt Nick’s lips upon her neck; he always knew the right places. She let out another giggle, helping him with the removal of her bra.

Once Miley was completely topless, she turned her head, connecting her lips with his once again. She kissed him slowly, trailing her hands down to his waist. Within just a few seconds she had his boxers pushed down as far as they could go. Followed by his boxers went her underwear. There was only one thing stopping them now. Nick pulled away a little as Miley torn the condom wrapper open. She slowly rolled the condom onto his penis and then she looked up at him, giving him a small, reassuring smile. It was almost like this was their first time all over again. Miley felt nervous, and she could practically hear Nick’s heart beating out of his chest, so she knew that he was nervous too. Miley pressed a kiss to his chest, and then his neck, and then finally his lips. “I love you, Nicholas,” She assured him, kissing his lips once more. She knew that he knew that - if he didn’t he was insane. But she just wanted him to know. She just wanted to say it.

Nick slowly nodded his head, kissing her back. But his kiss was harder, deeper. Miley giggled a little against his lips because she knew a kiss like that meant business. Nick situated himself in between her legs, keeping his eyes on her face. He slowly shoved himself in side of her, which caused a gasp of pleasure from Miley. Nick knew that he was the only one that was ever allowed to go here with her, and that kind of made him feel like it was all worth it. Everything. Being with her. Being with her forever - just like she said. She always made it worth is while.

“Nick,” Miley quietly moaned, loving the feeling of him inside of her. She wrapped her arms tightly around his back, holding him as close as she could as he started the move himself in and out of her. “Nick,” She moaned again, opening her eyes to look at him. “Faster,” She urged, smiling when he did as he was told. Nick knew better than to go against her wishes, so he did just as he asked and thrusted himself in and out of her faster - his motions growing faster with every movement.

Miley moaned again, which ultimately caused Nick to move even faster than before. Nick knew that Miley wasn’t a quiet one, so he was prepared for that, but he’d forgotten how much her moans turned him on. He’d almost forgotten how much she turned him on. Nick groaned, pressing sloppy kisses against her neck as she threw her head back, digging her nails lightly into his back.

Miley arched her back underneath him, coming close to her peak. She obviously didn’t know if anyone else could make her feel the way Nick did, but honestly she hoped no one would every come around so she could find out. Sure, they were young, but they were in love. “God Nick,” Miley moaned loudly. Her moans were slowly reaching screaming status, and Nick wasn’t complaining about that. Except he was afraid someone would hear them, and that would be bad. “Nick, harder, oh my god,” She gasped, arching her back a little higher.

It only took a few more minutes for Nick to push Miley over the edge. To be honest, he always had a hard time holding his orgasms in, but he liked to wait for Miley so he held it in as long as he could. She always liked it that way, and to him, it was almost more romantic to him.

“Oh my god,” Miley said, letting out one last breathless moan. She felt her body tense up, her entire body shaking with pure pleasure. She smiled, taking a deep breath as she relaxed against the couch. She let out a small laugh, biting on her body lip again as she ran a hand through her messy hair.

Nick chuckled, settling himself comfortably next to her. The space was tight, but neither of them minded. Nick took a deep breath, waiting for his breathing to slow as well. As he did, he leaned over, pressing soft kisses against Miley’s neck. “Mmm, Nick,” Miley mumbled, closing her eyes as he kissed her neck. “Tell me you love me,” She whispered, keeping her eyes closed as they laid there.

Nick shook his head lightly, wrapping his arms tightly around her. “I don’t just love you,” He whispered in her ear, so only she could hear - despite the fact that they were the only two in the room. “I love you more than anything. Anything in the whole world, Miles,” He assured her. “I’m sorry. For everything. But I’ll never leave you now. I promise. You’re my world.” He whispered, each perfect word forever engraved in Miley’s mind.

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