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fic: stop the world

Title: Stop The World
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Demi/Selena
Summary: I'd stop the world if it finally let us be alone...
Authors note: This is the first Demi/Selena fic that I've ever written, and I admit that well... I was a little nervous writing it. I don't ship them exactly, but, my friend Steph does so this was my early Christmas present for her... IDK how many DS shippers are out there but... Here goes nothing...

The AMA’s were a night Selena had been dreading for months now. Her and Demi would both be there, and she knew Demi would look flawless as she always did. And well, when Demi looked flawless, Selena couldn’t exactly resist her. But that wasn’t her main concern. Her main concern was that her and Demi weren’t even on speaking terms. They had barely said more that two words to each other in five months. Yeah, it was that bad. Five months ago, Demi and Selena had gotten into a fight about their relationship. They both loved each other, that was obvious, but Demi insisted they stopped secretly seeing each other romantically. She told Selena that it was too much, someone would find out, blah blah blah. It had really hurt Selena. That conversation replayed in her mind every day for the past five months.

Selena just kept telling herself that she needed to focus. Demi wasn’t everything… But boy, was that a lie. Demi was everything to her. Selena just hoped that Demi still felt the same. It took Selena a good fifteen minutes to get out of the car. When she did, she spotted Demi further down the carpet. She lifted her hand to wave, but by the time she did, her best friend was already gone. What a great start a horrible evening.


A small smile came across Selena’s face when Kelly Clarkson’s performance was announced. Her smile grew a bit bigger when she heard the familiar lyrics of “Already Gone” being sung. Selena and Demi both loved Kelly Clarkson. It was one of the common bonds they had together. Selena looked to her left, spotting her best friend out of the corner of her eye. She wished they could be enjoying this together. But they weren’t. All she could do was glance at her every once in awhile. Except during the entire song, Selena had her eyes focused on Demi. To Selena’s surprise, Demi kept her eyes right on her also. Until the song ended, anyways.


Selena was texting Taylor, congratulating her on all her awards as she walked to the car after the award show. Then she heard a familiar voice call her name, “Selena!” Demi yelled, walking after her friend. “Sel, wait,” Demi said, finally catching up to the tiny girl.

Selena took a deep breath, slowly turning around. She smiled, as this was the first time all night she really got a glance of Demi. “Hey,” Selena quietly said. Selena watched Demi’s eyes scan her entire body, finally looking back into hers.

“A bunch of us are going out to In and Out. Do you…” Demi trailed off. Demi let out a soft sigh. She was nervous too. “Come with me? I miss you,” The brunette whispered, slowly reaching out to grab onto Selena’s hand.

Selena’s heart started to race when she felt Demi’s hand upon hers. She didn’t have any words, so all she did was nod her head lightly.


They went out with a few people, but all Demi and Selena wanted to do was talk about everything that had happened in the past five months. The two girls were sitting in the backseat of Demi’s car, laughing and reminiscing upon everything that they’d been through together. Sel really missed talking to her best friend like this. But there was something she missed more: being with her best friend. Kissing her, touching her… Selena and Demi had never actually been together though. Sure, they had kissed --- a lot, and they touched each other --- again, a lot. But it never really went beyond kissing and fondling. But Selena felt like now was the perfect time to change that.

Selena wasn’t even sure what Demi was talking about now. Her thoughts had been focused on getting her out of that dress. Yeah, Selena wore a purity ring but… Some how that didn’t even matter right now. She couldn’t help what she was feeling for the girl who was sitting next to her right now. “Demi,” Selena said in a seductive whisper. Demi looked at her, kind of confused, but she stopped talking. “Demi, I’m sorry,” Selena whispered, scooting a little closer to her. “I just can’t be without you. I’m sorry.” She said, even quieter before. Selena locked her eyes with Demi’s and then she slowly leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. To her surprise, Demi returned the kiss. Selena smiled against her lips, deepening the kiss after a moment. For now, she focused on kissing her. As she kissed her, Selena wrapped her arms around Demi, slowly unzipping her dress.

“Sel,” Demi whispered, almost breathlessly from all the kissing they were doing. Selena shook her head, slowly pushing Demi’s dress down her shoulders. “It’s okay. Just trust me,” Selena whispered back, kissing Demi’s shoulders as she exposed them. Selena helped Demi get all the way out of her dress, which left her in the back seat in only her bra and underwear. Selena smiled. Oh, how she had missed the sight of her. She was so gorgeous. Every inch of her body was just flawless. Selena couldn’t ask for anything better.

Selena slowly pushed Demi back against the back seat, lowering herself on top of her. “Your dress,” Demi commented. “It tickles,” She said with a soft giggle. Selena laughed, quickly getting herself out of her own dress. “There,” Selena whispered, laying herself back on top of Demi.

Selena pressed her lips against Demi’s, kissing her deeper that she ever had before. She left sloppy kisses along her jaw, slowly moving them to her neck, and then her chest. Selena heard Demi let out a soft moan, which made her smile. She only hoped she could keep making her moan…

Selena knew they shouldn’t be doing this. They shouldn’t be doing this now or here but… She couldn’t help it. She couldn’t wait. And there was something about the thrill of getting caught that made her want to do it more. As Selena kissed Demi’s chest, she reached behind her, unclasping her bra. She pulled away, studying Demi’s face. Demi gave her a small nod, and Selena quickly removed her bra, letting it fall to the floor of the car. Selena smiled, leaning back down to press her lips against Demi’s soft skin. She kissed above her right breast, and then above her left. Sel let out a giggle, taking Demi’s left breast in her hand. She slowly massaged it, making sure to leave soft kisses all over the rest of her skin. Selena felt Demi wrap her arms around her, digging her nails into her back as she let out another soft moan. Selena felt accomplished, in a sense, especially because she seemed to be in power right now. All she cared about right now was being with Demi. She was so glad that they were together right now.

“Selena,” Demi moaned, looking up at Selena with lustful eyes. Sel gave Demi a small smile, staying silent as she let her finger tips graze all over Demi’s body. She ran her finger tips over her lips, and then down in between her breasts. She gently let her finger tips glide over her stomach. Selena stopped for a second, pressing a kiss right above the waistband of her underwear. Then she slowly tucked her finger tips underneath the elastic, pulling her underwear down her legs.

Once Demi’s underwear was out of the way, Selena situated herself in between Demi’s legs as best as she could, being in the back seat and all. Demi sat up just a little bit to give Selena a bit more room. Selena felt her heart start to race as she put her hands back on Demi. She was nervous. She was really nervous. But how hard could it be? It wasn’t like she hadn’t spent five months practicing with herself as she thought about Demi… She just had to take what she’d learned by exploring her own body, and apply that to Demi’s body.

Selena leaned up, pressing her lips to Demi’s once more. Then she kissed her way back down to her lower abdomen. Selena smiled, slowly letting her hand linger downwards. She let her fingertips graze along Demi’s stomach eventually letting them linger to her clit. She felt Demi’s body shudder underneath her. “Dems, it’s okay,” She assured her, pressing another kiss against her lips. Selena kept once of her hands rested on Demi’s waist, while the other slowly started to massage her clit.

“Selena,” Demi quietly moaned, closing her eyes as she felt her best friend start to touch her. “Oh god, Selena,” She said again, slowly starting to massage her own breast as Selena went to work. Selena was happy that she was already getting a good response from Demi, since she hadn’t done much yet. To be honest, she was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to please her at all.

Selena continued to rub her clit, smiling when Demi slowly started to move her hips with the same rhythm. Selena pulled her hand away for just a moment, which caused Demi to let out a unsatisfied groan. Selena laughed a little, since she was no where near being done with her yet. Selena glanced up at Demi as she shoved two of her fingers inside of her. Demi let out a loud gasp and then opened her eyes to look at Selena. Sel smiled, and Demi smiled back at her. “Sel, please take me,” She said in a whispered, resting her head back against the car window. Selena did as she was told, slowly starting to pull her fingers in and out of her vagina. She kept her eyes on Demi’s face, watching her every movement. “Oh god, Sel, harder, please,” Demi practically begged, waiting for Selena to do the best she could.

“Your wish is my command,” Sel smirked, pressing a kiss to her clit now. Selena continued to thrust her fingers in and out of Demi as she started to suck on her clit. She let out a giggle, which practically drove Demi over the edge from the vibrations. Demi moaned loudly, actually, her moan was practically a scream. “Dems, you taste so good,” Selena mumbled, her tongue still flicking Demi’s clit. Demi giggled, followed by another moan.

Selena pulled her fingers out from inside of her, which caused Demi to let out another groan. “Oh Selena, please don’t stop.” She breathlessly said. “Please, Sel,” She practically begged her. Selena smirked as she went to work on her clit with her tongue again. She licked all the down, eventually stopping at her opening. She licked Demi’s lips and then shoved her tongue as far inside of her as she could, tasting every last bit of Demi’s juices. She placed her thumb upon Demi’s clit, starting to move it in circular motions as she continued to shove her tongue inside of her. Selena felt Demi’s body start to shake underneath her, and that’s how she knew she was getting close to her peak.

“Selena,” Demi moaned. “Oh god Selena,” She screamed, throwing her head back in anticipation. Demi’s moans and screams got Selena excited so she pulled her hand away, starting to flick Demi’s clit with her tongue again. Then she shoved her fingers inside of her again, thrusting them in and out of her as fast as she could. “Cum for me, Dems,” Selena urged, mumbling against her skin.

“Selena,” Demi moaned again, “Harder, please,” She begged her, and Selena listened. She thrusted her fingers as hard and deep as she could inside of her. She would give Demi whatever she needed right now. Demi let out another loud moan as she rocked her hips back and fourth with Selena’s motions. Selena shoved her fingers inside of Demi once more, and that was all it took to put her over the edge. Selena smirked, pulling away to watch the look on Demi’s face as she orgasmed. Demi let out a moan, continuingly screaming Selena’s name for a few moments. Then she let her body relax against the back seat. She stared at Selena with lustful eyes, eventually letting her eyes flutter shut as she let out a satisfied giggle.

Selena let out a quite laugh too, licking up all the juices that Demi released during her orgasm. Then she crawled back on top of her best friend, hovering over her for a moment. She kissed Demi slowly, smiling against her lips. After a moment she laid herself down on top of her, continuing to kiss her lips. Selena knew they should probably get dressed now, because who knew when someone could walk back to the car, but that was in the back of her mind right now. All she cared about was Demi, and god, she was so beautiful right now. Selena couldn’t leave her alone even if she wanted to. Selena pulled away, her face less than an inch from Demi’s, “I love you, Dems,” Selena whispered, sealing her words with a simple kiss.
Tags: fic, for: stephmeanie, ship: demi & selena
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