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fic: everything i ever wanted

Title: Everything I Ever Wanted
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: PG
Characters: Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas
Summary: I’ve never been so wrapped up, honey, I like the way you’re everything I ever wanted.

If you would have asked Taylor a few months ago if she would ever picture herself on tour with the Jonas Brothers, well, she probably would have laughed in your face. Apparently the times changed, though, because here she was, sitting back stage at - you guessed it - a Jonas Brothers concert. It was an opportunity you couldn’t really pass up though - touring with three incredibly talented boys. Besides, the middle one was really nice to look at…

To be honest, Taylor was nervous. She was really nervous. Tonight was her first show with the boys. Sure, they rehearsed tons. Joe and her would even rehearse alone with just her guitar. The boys and their family had been so supportive of this entire thing, so much that she wasn’t sure why she was nervous. It was just another show. Another show, another performance. It wasn’t like she hadn’t opened up for big artists in big venues before. So what was her deal? Well, she could tell you, but she never would. Over the past few months of practicing, Taylor and Joe had grown closer - they were almost inseparable. She found herself scribbling song lyrics about him down on napkins, watching his every movement, getting lost in his deep brown eyes. Sometimes she just shook if off as nothing, because well, he was Joe Jonas. He was every girl’s dream guy. He knew how to charm - it was pretty much his job. But then she started to realize that Joe acted different around her too. She just felt something different when he looked at her. She felt something real. Taylor often caught him staring at her, and then he would quickly look away, acting as if he wasn’t looking at her at all. It was kind of cute, actually.

Taylor was completely lost in her thoughts, absent mindedly strumming her guitar when Joe walked into the room. She didn’t even notice him, which was weird because usually she’d watch his ever step until he was standing right in front of her. “You ready?” Joe asked, his voice causing Taylor to jump a little. She gave him a quick smile, shaking her head lightly, “Oh I…” She let out a nervous laugh. “As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” She laughed again, looking down at her guitar.

Joe let out a chuckle. Taylor was perfect. Everything she did was perfect. He didn’t know how she didn’t realize that she was going to do great out on that stage tonight. “You’ll do great, you know.” Joe told her with a smile. “You always do. I’ve seen you rehearse.” He nodded his head, taking a seat next to her on the couch. “Just remember that I’ll be right there with you,” He reminded her. Joe sat there for a second and then leaned over, pressing a quick, soft kiss to her forehead. “I gotta go, but, you’re gonna do great. See you soon.” He whispered into her ear, slowly getting up from the couch before disappearing out of the room. In that short amount of time, Taylor had barely said five words. She managed to say a quick “bye”, but before she knew it, he was already gone.

Finally it was time for Taylor to go on. She felt her heart start to race as she stood on the platform, listening to the screaming followed by Joe’s voice, “Ladies and Gentleman, please give it up for our friend, Taylor Swift, everybody!” And then she was there, on the stage, just like they’d practiced hundreds of times. The crowd cheered for her too, so, that was always a good sign. Taylor’s every movement on that stage revolved around Joe. If she could, she’d spend every moment of the song right by his side. He made her feel safe; he made her feel like she was at home. And whether he knew it or not, he was her home, he was her comfort zone.


“Joe, will you quit it!” Taylor let out a laugh, leaning back against the couch. “I’m trying to work here, if you didn’t notice?” She shook her head at him. “But nooo, here you are, interrupting my song writing and taking up my workspace and… Jeeze, you’re such a paiiiin.” She giggled.

Joe laughed, holding his hands up in surrender, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, Tay.” He told her, a genuine smile on his face. She watched him smile, which made her smile too. She felt her heart start to race, just like it did every time Joe smiled at her like that. “Can I help?” Joe quietly asked her, trying to peek at her notebook. “You said I could help sometime.” He reminded her, raising his eyebrow.

Taylor’s eyes widened and she pulled her notebook flush against her chest. “Um, no.” She shook her head. Any other song she’d probably just let him help her with, but this one… Well, it was about him, and she didn’t want him to read it or hear it until it was time. Joe kept his eyebrow raised, “Why not, Tay?” He chuckled. “Who’re you writing about? Come onnn, I can keep a secret,” He told her, gently poking her sides., tickling her lightly.

“Joe!” Taylor giggled, still hanging onto her notebook as she tried to fight him off. “Stop it!” She said in between her fits of giggles. “This is so not fair.” She shook her head, still trying to get out of his tickling grip. “Nope. I’m not stopping till I see that notebook.” He decided, continuing to tickle her. He kept tickling her until eventually Taylor fell onto the floor, bringing Joe onto the floor also - right on top of her.

Taylor stopped breathing for at least a minute as she started up into his eyes. Well, this was semi awkward. He was laying on top of her… and they were backstage where anyone could see… Yet neither one of them made any effort to move. Taylor watched his hair fall into his face which made her smile. “What?” Joe whispered, his arms holding him up on either side of her so he wasn’t completely squishing her. Taylor shook her head lightly. She didn’t have any words to express what she was feeling in this moment. Joe chuckled, pushing a few curls out of her face. Taylor closed her eyes as she felt his touch against her skin, gently brushing her hair out of her face. She let out a deep breath that she didn’t even know she was holding. Taylor let out a quiet, nervous laugh, and to her surprise, Joe let out almost the same exact laugh. She watched him as he moved in closer, their lips practically touching.

Taylor had never been this nervous around Joe before, yet, she’d never been in a situation like this with him before. She didn’t even know what to do or say or… She had no idea. She opened her mouth to say something, but it was at that very moment Joe leaned in, closing the gap between their lips. He kissed her slowly, their lips barely touching at first. She could tell that he was nervous too. Taylor slowly lifted her arms, wrapping them around his neck. She held him close, deepening their kiss a little bit. After a few moments, she pulled away from the kiss, resting her forehead against his. She took a deep breath, staring into his deep brown eyes. Where did they go from here?


For the next few weeks, Taylor and Joe practically walked around on eggshells around one another. They hadn’t spoken of the kiss since the day it happened. She didn’t know why, but he just never brought it up, so she didn’t either. It was killing her, but if he thought it was a mistake… She’d just rather not know if he thought that. They hadn’t been as close as they were in the past. Joe would give her a smile and keep walking; he never stopped to chat for a few minutes. He stopped calling her in the morning and before he went to sleep. In all honesty, it was breaking Taylor’s heart. He kissed her, didn’t he get that? She didn’t do anything. He made the first move, so why was she getting the punishment?


It was going on week three without speaking, and Taylor just couldn’t handle it anymore. So, after one of their shows, Taylor walked down the hall, her guitar in hand as she knocked on Joe’s hotel room door. She took a deep breath, waiting for him to answer. She just couldn’t take this anymore. It was getting absolutely ridiculous. She heard the door knob turn and almost regretted coming over.

Joe pulled the door open, surprised to see Taylor on the other side. He was expecting Nick or Kevin or someone, not Taylor. “Tay?” He whispered, rubbing his eyes a little. His hair was a mess and he was wearing his cute power ranger pajama pants and a t shirt. The sight of him made her smile. She’d really missed him. Part of her just wanted to wrap her arms around him and kiss him for the rest of the night.

This summer, Taylor had stood beside Joe throughout everything. He protected her, and in return she was always there for whatever he needed. She’d make him laugh and smile when he was upset. They’d cuddle and watch movies together as if they were just normal teenagers -- no fame or cameras involved. They’d write songs together - songs that she hoped one day the whole world could hear. Taylor took a deep breath, giving him a soft smile. “I wrote you a song.” She whispered, hoping he’d invite her in.

Joe studied her face. He could tell she was nervous. He let out a soft sigh. He knew he’d been a jerk these past few weeks. He was just scared that he’d ruin what he and Taylor had. He didn’t realize that was what he was doing by staying away from her. He was completely in love with the girl standing in front of him. Who was he kidding? He needed her. She was the light that brightened up all his darkest days. His sunshine, his rain, his light, his darkness. She was his everything. Joe tilted his head to the side, motioning for her to come inside. He smiled as she walked passed him. He loved the way she smelled. Like vanilla and strawberries. Like perfection. Like the girl he loved with everything in him. He slowly shut the door, looking back towards Taylor, who had already taken a seat on the couch. Joe took a deep breath, pulling a chair up in front of the couch. He wanted to watch her every movement - he was mesmerized by her.

Taylor took a deep breath, strumming a few chords on her guitar. She looked up at Joe, wondering if she should say something. She figured that nothing she said before hand would make a difference, so, she simply started to play Joe the song she’d written for him --- Jump Then Fall.

When Taylor was finished singing, Joe pretty much just stared at her. He was… words couldn’t even describe what he was feeling right now. He felt a hint of sadness because he couldn’t believe he’d stayed away from her for so long. But then he felt thrilled because he was so glad that she felt the same way. And the fact that she’d written him such an amazing song… He almost didn’t know what to do with himself.

Taylor laughed nervously, waiting for him to say something. When he didn’t, she started to get nervous. He was just staring at her and he wasn’t saying anything and… “Okay, I should go…” She whispered, starting to get up from the couch. Joe quickly stood up, grabbing onto her wrist lightly, “No, no. Don’t go.” He said in a whisper, taking her guitar from her hands. “But I-” She started to say as he took her guitar from her hands.

“Shh,” Joe whispered, leaned her guitar against the couch. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against him. “I’m sorry.” Joe whispered. “I never meant to hurt you or ignore you or…” He trailed off, shaking his head. “I was scared that I’d mess something up with us… but now I realize that I messed something up by avoiding you. I’m so sorry, Tay,” He quietly said, brushing a few of her messy curls out of her face. He let his hand rest against her cheek, brushing his thumb lightly against it. “Taylor,” He said, gazing into her eyes. He took a deep breath, keeping his eyes locked with hers, “I love you,” He whispered.

Taylor listened to him speak, leaning into his touch once he placed his hand on her cheek. She looked back at him, smiling at the familiar warmth she felt when she looked into his eyes. When he told her he loved her, her jaw dropped. He loved her? Like, he really… actually… loved her? “What?” She said, kind of shocked. “You love me?”

Joe nodded his head lightly. “More than anything, Taylor. And you’re song… well, I’m jumping,” He said with a smile. Taylor let out a laugh and then wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer to her. “I love you too,” She quietly mumbled, sealing it with a soft kiss.
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