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my confessions

of a sinful little girl

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i GIVE up easily.
i can make you laugh about dumb shit.<3
I am not a girlie girl
i'm not a racist.
i LOVE listening to people's shit talking.
i like buzz light year.
i try new things.
FUCK drama.
i hate assHOLES.
FUCK BACKSTABBERS! i love my crazy friends!!
i HEART reading books <3
i like small sweaters.
GET use to it, i am only me.<3
I have no self-esteem
I am not perfect
I have chubby cheeks, so what
I never really match
I LOVE to dance
I really hate lables
I'm totally laid back
I like attention
I tend to draw lots of attention twords me cause i'm so goofy
I like to wrestle, then cuddle
I hope to never become trendy
I like singing in the shower
I love the carnival
I sleep with 5,000 bankets at night
I bite my nails
I get nervous alot
I act more like I'm 8 and thats ok
I won't lie you make me smile
I wanna become a ninja
I get distracted easily..so people get annoyed easily with me
I'm not a great driver
I hate food food
I wish I was a cutie
I like mixtapes and cds
My hair eats my face
I scream alot
I love to read
I can be very passionate
I'm a hopeless romantic
I'm very honest
I listen well
I love acoustic guitars
I love putting words on paper
Love letters make me cry
Old pictures bring me back to reality
I think the stars are beautiful like crystals
I like the rain more then anything
I have barbies that have hung theirselves from my ceiling before
I cant sleep at night
I'm addicted to Rockstars
My pants never fit right
I like when boys have crushs on me
I'm slow in the head so fuck you
I prefer crayons
I hate liars
I'm really shy, but EXTREMLY hyper (when you get to know me)
I love emo music and screamo plus more
Country blows
I'mma bit more strange then your average kid
And I can definetly get mid-evil on your ass
I hate school
I hate posers
My hearts been broken serveral times
I adore green eyes
I love ballet shoes and tutu's
I like to laugh
I love being late for class
I'mma total camra whore and thats ok
I don't believe in love at first sight
Some people scare me
My house looks like everyone elses
I can drive
And yes I have a vagina

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's all you'll ever really need to know.

My life at this point is pretty much dependant on the fact that I am relentlessly cute.
Until I can make myself beautiful, my life will stay this way.
I sleep with the same stuffed animals I've had since I was two.
I'm terrified of "growing up".
Yes, I work.
If you think this is lame, fuck you.
At least I have a fucking job and don't depend on my parents for spending money.
I buy my own fucking clothes and don't need daddy to do it for me.
I idolize people I could never even dream of being like.

On a bad day, I hate myself for being too fat.
I know I'm not meant to be skinny.
My face is too round.
I would look weird if I were thin.
But I want to be anyway.
I am an extremely interdependant person.
This means I depend on the fact that someone else depends on me.
I need to be needed.
I need to constantly feel like there is a person to whom I am 100% indispensible.
I need someone to be addicted to me.
I haven't really felt that way in a while, and it's killing me.

I play the bass guitar.
I am a sucker for sleazy rock stars.
I have several claims to fame.

I am addicted to
Free music,
Taking pictures of myself,
If I go too long without any of these things, I show symptoms of withdrawal.
I get: tired, cranky, sick, and grouchy.

Sometimes I take life too seriously.
Sometimes I'm jealous of everyone around me.
Sometimes I hate everyone I can see.
Sometimes I want to die.
Sometimes I love my life.
Sometimes I love my friends.
Sometimes I wish everyone could feel even an ounce as happy as me.

If you think I'm "trying to hard", you can go fuck yourself.
Unlike you, I do not have to "try" to be like this.
This is who I am.
If you like it, that's fine.
If you hate me, even better.

I am not normal.
But I think just like you.

The Notebook is eternal love.

by this_is_fucked

I'm the type of girl who misses you 5 minutes after you walk away.
I'm the type of girl who loves to dance in the rain [unless she has somewhere to be.]
I'm the type of girl who loves to go to football games on Friday nights.
I'm the type of girl who thinks mountain goats are ruggedly handsome.
I'm the type of girl who'll street race with a guy even though his car is nicer than mine.
I'm the type of girl who loves drummers/guitarists.
I'm the type of girl who would drop anything to go to said drummers'/guitarists' show.
I'm the type of girl who wants the fairy tale--even if she has to wait forever.
I'm the type of girl who checks her hair in car windows.
I'm the type of girl who wears ridiculously big sunglasses.
I'm the type of girl who wears said sunglasses at night & doesn't care what people say or think
I'm the type of girl who'll talk to a friend on the phone for hours.
I'm the type of girl who'll talk to a drunk friend on the phone for hours.
I'm the type of girl who loves holes in her jeans and 80s pearls.
I'm the type of girl who bends over backwards to make sure her friends and family are happy.
I'm the type of girl who dreams of getting married & having a family.
I'm the type of girl who loves to act--whether onstage or not.
I'm the type of girl you'd call a drama queen, but really isn't.
I'm the type of girl who doesn't leave this house without eyeliner, gum, and her cell phone.
I'm the type of girl who is a hopeless romantic & isn't ashamed of it.
I'm the type of girl who loves Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.
I'm the type of girl who loves to curl up in front of a fire when it's snowing outside.
I'm the type of girl who LOVES music.
I'm the type of girl who loves the mysterious, romantic bad boys.
I'm the type of girl who leans into turns when playing a video game.
I'm the type of girl who gets excited when she gets a text message/voicemail/phone call.
I'm the type of girl who knows she was born in the wrong era [she's a 50s girl at heart].
I'm the type of girl who listens to the Beatles/Eagles/Monkees/Aerosmith/ACDC/Bon Jovi and doesn't care if others think she's a loser.
I'm the type of girl who takes pictures of random things.
I'm the type of girl who "works hard for the $$$".
I'm the type of girl who hates the cold weather.
I'm the type of girl who loves romantic comedies.
I'm the type of girl who loves horror movies
I'm the type of girl who'd get out of bed & go pick up a friend @ 3am.
I'm the type of girl who loves the summer & all that comes with it.
I'm the type of girl who loves to pull all nighters with her bestest friends.
I'm the type of girl who's just living her life and getting through everything this world throws at her.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is sweet transvestite love.

by this_is_fucked

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