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heechul/kyuhyun ][ kiss you silly

tvxq; falling for the first time

falling for the first time
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it feels like it's been forever since i've written tvxq, but i was looking back over the request post and this one jumped out at me and pretty much said 'write me now :|' which ended up with me awake at 6am writing pre-debut fluff. for keychains's prompt, "i don't understand half the things you say and half the things you do, but i guess it's okay because you're still smiling." late like a late thing, but i hope you still like it. ♥

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yoochun ][ bright

tvxq; the internet is for... (1/?)

the internet is for... (1/?)
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when changmin's plans go awry, they really go awry. just ask yoochun and yunho.
an idea conceived with lotus_beauty during one of the rare moments i was watching tv with her. ah, commercials. it promptly went downhill and exploded from there. i have pretty much this entire thing mapped out, so it will actually get updated in less than three months, i swear. ^^;

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