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yoochun ][ bright

tvxq; you will always be in my heart

you will always be in my heart
pg, yoochun/changmin, 1246
i tried something a little different style-wise with this one, though nothing too far out there. as always, concrit is welcome. :) for italic and her wonderful prompt: "There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart." - mahatma gandhi

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yoochun ][ bright

tvxq; reset (or, one hundred days that may or may not have been)

reset (or, one hundred days that may or may not have been)
r, yoochun/changmin, 5106
the idea for this was inspired by two particularly memorable episodes of sg1 and supernatural. originally, it was going to be all about the cracked out and lighthearted side of events, but yoochun kept trying to turn things angsty. the end result is all over the place- crack, angst, fluff. smut, not so much (i tried, i really did). apologies in advance for any broken brains. kenaressa helped me make this better. ♥

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jaejoong ][ keep hush hush baby

tvxq; every game you play

every game you play
nc17, yoochun/jaejoong/changmin (and a little of every combination thereof), 2368
there were a couple of different paths this thing tried to take on me, but i'm pretty happy with how this one went. and it made for more smut. for and beta'd by kenaressa who loves sneaky changmin as much as i do. ♥

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