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changmin ][ innocent i swear

tvxq; undone (written with vitiates)

pg13, jaejoong/changmin, 3216+3265
written for the partner challenge at dbsk_secretgame here with vitiates. she did jaejoong's pov and i did changmin's. this was definitely an exercise in different styles for me (writing, pov, formatting) as well as the first time i'd ever cowritten anything with another author. (very) happily, it came in second place for both best jaejoong and best changmin. many thanks to everyone who voted. ♥ as far as the formatting goes, it can be read each column individually or alternately left-right or right-left. min's (right) part was written first but it really can be read either way.

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changmin ][ innocent i swear

tvxq; image training

image training
nc17, jaejoong/changmin, 2755
part 11/27 of the 2009 birthday smutfest. for keychains, jaemin, lessons in self-confidence.
no, the length isn't a typo. *facedesk* i knew i was in trouble when i hit 1700 words and only one of them was naked. >>; ugh. i'm still not entirely happy with it, but that may just be my frustration at it not ending talking. hopefully i will like it better when it's not 53o am (hence the more ridiculous than usual title).

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jaejoong ][ keep hush hush baby

tvxq; every game you play

every game you play
nc17, yoochun/jaejoong/changmin (and a little of every combination thereof), 2368
there were a couple of different paths this thing tried to take on me, but i'm pretty happy with how this one went. and it made for more smut. for and beta'd by kenaressa who loves sneaky changmin as much as i do. ♥

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