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teen wolf; experiments in pattern recognition

experiments in pattern recognition
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the first tw fic i ever started, and to date the longest work i've ever written by far *tosses confetti*
"That's why I like you, Stiles, you get right to the point."

Stiles chokes. He has officially lost control of this conversation.

"I have a theory," Allison says, smiling slyly. "How did you put it? Once is an incident, twice is a coincidence —"

"— Three times is a pattern?"
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teen wolf; complicate me

complicate me
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for this [profile] tnw_kinkmeme prompt that's been languishing in my wip folder for months. better late than never?
This isn't Stiles.

It's not, not in the least. Because Stiles doesn't look at him like that, like he wants to eat Scott alive, like he wants to rip him apart with claws and sword and teeth just to see what makes him tick and then tear out a place to curl up inside him.

And yet.
heechul/kyuhyun ][ kiss you silly

teen wolf; never go in against your best friend when orgasms are on the line

never go in against your best friend when orgasms are on the line
mature, scott/stiles, 1736
because stiles is a little shit and it's absolutely my favorite thing about him.
"You asshole, I am not holding you up for the next half hour." Scott pinches Stiles' side where he's holding him up but all it does it make Stiles cling tighter and slip one hand up higher, then back down, skin to skin this time under his boxers. Scott hisses. "Stiles!"

Laughing softly, Stiles runs his nose up Scott's neck to nibble at his ear. With purpose.

Scott sighs. Everything is a challenge. He should have known better.


"I bet I can make you come before we have to get off the train, and before I do."