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jaejoong ][ keep hush hush baby

teen wolf; not actually joking

not actually joking
explicit, chris/peter/stiles, 3187
written for the polyamorouswolfexchange on tumblr. my recipient dropped, but if they happen to recognize their prompt i hope they enjoy. ;D
The vein on Chris' forehead is starting to throb.

"So help me if you two don't settle this right now I will spank you."

Stiles and Peter both shut up in an instant, jaws clacking shut near simultaneously.

Chris almost laughs — their faces are priceless — but Stiles is turning an intriguingly blotchy shade of brilliant red and Peter's nostrils are flaring like he's scenting for a hunt.

changmin ][ innocent i swear

teen wolf; turn off the sun, my head is unravelling

turn off the sun, my head is unravelling
mature, peter/stiles, 3024
Stiles will never ever admit it out loud, but there's something about Peter that's always made him want to drop to his knees, even (especially) when Peter's at his most dangerous. So, when he sinks to the carpet between Peter's feet, eyes on Peter's the whole way down, it feels a little like Christmas morning.

Peter's eyes are wide with surprise and dark with arousal, only the faintest hint of blue edges visible from Stiles's current vantage point. He opens his mouth as if to speak but seems to think better of it and Stiles is ridiculously pleased that Peter's too fucking greedy to bother asking if he's sure.