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can't resist your pull (the electric violin mix)
r, heechul/henry, ryeowook/yesung, ninja!others, 1300
a remix for the sake of remixing, with much love to remixied for letting me spin her fic something's magnetic here with added insanity. this would likely make more sense if you read hers first, but it's not strictly necessary.

There had once been a time in Henry’s life when he thought Ryeowook was innocent.Collapse )
10 March 2010 @ 02:18 pm
dance through the storm
pg, henry/ryeowook, heechul/henry-ish, 2008
for kitsuneyujji, the wook to my kyu ♥ i started this as a result of this, and then this happened and, well, i couldn't ignore it. crazy night, boys.

It’s not like Heechul has ever been subtle. Ever.Collapse )
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