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ryohei/ryuichi ][ u jerk me crazy

tvxq/w-inds.; in case of emergency (break dance)

in case of emergency (break dance)
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another piece started long ago that i fell in love with but never wrote as much as i'd wanted to because of the lawsuit. *sigh*
Ryohei waited until Keita and Ryuichi both had their mouths full of noodles before he told them the reason he wanted to go out to eat dinner with them tonight.

"I'm going to be busy for the next month and a half." Or more. Hopefully.
heechul/kyuhyun ][ kiss you silly

wip meme~


rl and 453543436 projects have kicked in and pushed my massively ambitious smut prompt thing back (and they all kept growing on me, it's hard to finish that many prompts when they all decide to go over 1000 words -_-) so i've decided to do a little thing to stave off beheadings from people waiting on fic.

every single wip i have, once sentence (or three) each (some longer than others). this includes the handful of bday prompts i'm working on but doesn't include those i've actually finished. others will look familiar if you've read any of my existing wips. :3

so. um. i have a lot of wips...

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heeeeee :D

heechul/kyuhyun ][ kiss you silly

w-inds.; three steps to defeating ogata ryuichi

three steps to defeating ogata ryuichi
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i started this feb 28, 2006 after watching the it's in the stars dvd 547543643246 times while trying to encode the subs for it. finally got around to finishing it a couple of days ago for the monthly competition over at midnight paradox. feedback/comments muchly appreciated. ^^ originally posted here at ryuxryo.

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