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fic masterlist~

hi! and welcome to my fic journal. :D

in an effort to minimize the amount of effort needed to post new works, from this point on (january 2015) all new works will be posted solely on archive of our own and linked to from livejournal and dreamwidth. things that have already been posted will remain public here.

i always appreciate comments as well as constructive criticism on anything i write, even if you stumble across something old. i read (and try to reply to) every comment i get, so don't be shy. ♥

most of my time lately is spent on tumblr. come say hi. (:
heechul/kyuhyun ][ kiss you silly

request&prompt post~

in celebration of finally doing something with the layout here at _tabris, i've decided to open up for requests and/or prompts. ^^

i don't expect there to be a lot of takers, and to be honest, this is more an exercise to expand my own writing. but here it is. the only fandoms i'm currently open for are tvxq, super junior, and w-inds., but if you have a request for a fandom that you know i like (like big bang, arashi, supernatural, hp) i might consider it.

a few notes:
• i am an equal opportunity shipper and will write any pairing or moresome
• i will write smut, fluff, angst, crack, gen, most kinks, &tc.
• i will not over-feminize characters, so if you want girly and helpless don't even bother (this goes double for jaejoong)
• i will not write non-con (reasons worded better than i could here) or mpreg (nothing against it, just not my thing)
• the more specific your promt, the better
• i reserve the right to write prompts in any order i like
• requesting something does not necessarily mean it will get written soon or at all (i procrastiate, so sue me)
• you'll most likely get a 200-1000 word story, but if your idea is really inspiring you might get more


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heechul/kyuhyun ][ kiss you silly

long time, no post

it's been a long, long time since i posted anything here. it's funny... i'd origially made this journal to keep track of my online classes, then it changed to a backup journal when konzatsu was accidentally (wtf, lj, srsly) suspended. now it's time for another change.

i've decided to hang on to this journal to use for posting my small handful of fic in. i'll be going through and backdating all of it (not that there's much to begin with) to keep from spamming the handful of people who'd friended this before.

the other part of the redo was taking everyone of the f'list for this journal. i don't plan on locking any of the entries and it seemed kind of pointless to have anything other than communities here when i use my main journal and only plan on posting fic here. that being said, if you have no interest in reading my writing, feel free to defriend me. it wont hurt my feelings, i promise.
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