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tvxq; have you tried rebooting? (1/?)

have you tried rebooting? (1/?)
pg, junsu/changmin-ish, 413
in which changmin is a geek, yoochun's his lazy coworker, junsu keeps breaking everything, jaejoong lounges around, and yunho does executive-y things.
i love au's. i've been wanting to do one for a while, but coming up with something that would work that hadn't already been written took some thinking. this is the first part of who knows how many, and i currently have only a vague idea of where i want this to go, plot or pairing-wise. so, um. yeah. i'm kind of just throwing this out here to see if anyone would be interested in more. ^^;

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There’s a familiar frantic knock on their office door and Changmin closes his eyes with a sigh and braces himself for the poke that he knows Yoochun’s going to give him before calling out, “Come in.”

A tumble of arms, smiles, and laptop falls through the door as Changmin bats Yoochun’s pointy fingers away from his midsection.


“What have you broken this time, Junsu-hyung?”

Junsu tries for a glare but it comes off as a sheepish pout that he tries to hide behind the screen of the computer he’s holding.

Changmin holds his hand out wordlessly and motions for it while Yoochun spins back and forth in his chair eyeing Junsu up and down. Mostly down. Junsu ignores him.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear. I was just using it earlier and now it won’t start and I have a meeting in 15 minutes that I need it for and my boss will kill me if I don’t have this file and I’d rather not die because I do actually like Jung-sshi and don’t want to disappoint him but you know what happens to computers around me and— what did you just do?”

“You used it ‘til the battery died, didn’t you?”


Changmin shrugs, mouth quirking into a smile, “Took the battery out, reset the power, put it back in. Here you go.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re a genius and you’ve saved my life. Again. I’ll bring you lunch tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to—”

“Nope, no arguments.”

Junsu looks way too happy for Changmin to argue with so he caves, resigning himself to at least an hour of teasing by Yoochun and two from Jaejoong when he finds out.

“I— I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

With a grin twice as bright as the fluorescent lights overhead, Junsu closes his laptop and bounces out the door.

The leer on Yoochun’s face makes Changmin feel kind of dirty.

“Don’t even start with me.”

“I bet the next time you fix something he breaks, he’ll offer to let you eat lunch off his naked body~”

Make that a lot dirty.


“What. I’d totally take him up on the offer.”

“I know you would. Too bad he’d never make it to you.”

“He’ll come to his senses soon enough.”

“Bllshrt,” Changmin coughs.

“What was that?”

“Hm? Nothing. Allergies. Oh look, parts to install.”

If anyone asks later, Changmin will swear dropping the keyboard on Yoochun’s head was a complete accident.

continue to part 2

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Tags: # pg, % tvxq, & tvxq: junsu/changmin
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