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tvxq; come on tonight

come on tonight
pg13, changmin/koda kumi, 100
don't even lie, you know these two would be hot as fuck together.

She catches him off-guard the first time they meet; he wasn’t expecting someone a foot shorter than him (in heels, even) to have quite such presence. When her legs are wrapped around him so tight he can’t think and his hands are buried in her hair, he thinks he might be a little bit in love with her. The way she kisses him before she walks out the door leaves his head spinning for days, weeks.

Changmin doesn’t tell the others. He knows they wouldn’t believe him.

(And even if they did, he kind of likes it better this way.)

hug | dw | ao3

Tags: # pg13, % tvxq, & tvxq: changmin/koda kumi
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