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w-inds./hp; untitled, unfinished thing

g, ot3 ostensibly
while cleaning out folders on my external drive, i ran across this w-inds./hp crossover that i'd started (april 5, 2006 is the datestamp :x) but never finished. i doubt i'll ever finish it, but chychaai wanted to see it so... here. i might work more on it some day, who knows.


Keita’s hands twisted in the just-too-long sleeves of his robe as he mumbled his request to the seventh-year standing in front of him. Most of the time his mom’s insistence on getting his robes too big (in case he had a sudden growth spurt, she said) drove him nuts, but at times like this he wished they were big enough to swallow him whole. Unfortunately, if he was planning on making it through the year he was going to have to do something.

“I’vebeenhavingtroubleinadvancedcharmsandProfessorFlitwicksaidIneededatutorandyouwerethebestpersontoasksocouldyoumaybepossibly…,” he trailed off.

Leaning back against the library table behind him, the Ravenclaw tilted his head to the side with a bemused smile on his lips.

“Care to try that again? I think I missed a couple of words.”

I don’t wanna do this. Why did it have to be Charms of all things? Anything but this. Even Potions; I’d rather have to ask that Slytherin smartass for help than ask him.

He gulped. “See… Professor Flitwick said I should ask… you. For help. Tutoring, I mean!” Help would be good, too. Help me disappear. “In charms. I’ve been having…,” these not entirely appropriate thoughts about a particular upperclassman, “some problems with the new material and I’d really like to actually take the class next year and I know what I need to be doing, I’ve read the text but it doesn’t make any sense…”

The bemused smile turned into a slight chuckle as the other boy raised his hand to stop the rambling flow that was leaving Keita’s mouth.

“Whoa- slow down there. Sure, I can help you out. I remember last year; I think he wanted to scare all of us away so we wouldn’t take it this year. When do you have a free period?”

“Free… period?” Keita’s voice squeaked and he mentally smacked himself. Why did his voice always pick the absolute worst times to betray him?

“To study? You know, that thing you just asked me about?”

Don’t blush. Don’t blush. Just look up and answer the question to so you can go back to your common room and hide. “Umm… after lunch… tomorrow?”

“Good, so do I. Tomorrow then.”

That voice was going to be the death of him. Soft but with a command behind it he didn’t think he’d ever be able to achieve. Then it hit him… Yes. He said yes. Now you can get out of here before you embarrass yourself even more.

Keita smiled, mouth wide and eyes bright with relief.

“Thanks, Ryohei!” he yelled, and fairly sprinted out of the library, ducking past the rather irate librarian and back to the safety of his dorm.


Good data…

Ryuichi stood up from behind the bookshelf he was using to hide himself and straightened his robes, flicking an imaginary speck of dust off his shoulder.

Looks like things are about to get interesting with everyone’s favourite head boy. I’ll need to get some more info on… what was his name again… Ken? Kame? …ah, Keita. That was it. Keita Tachibana.


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