superloverholic. (_tabris) wrote,

teen wolf; not actually joking

not actually joking
explicit, chris/peter/stiles, 3187
written for the polyamorouswolfexchange on tumblr. my recipient dropped, but if they happen to recognize their prompt i hope they enjoy. ;D
The vein on Chris' forehead is starting to throb.

"So help me if you two don't settle this right now I will spank you."

Stiles and Peter both shut up in an instant, jaws clacking shut near simultaneously.

Chris almost laughs — their faces are priceless — but Stiles is turning an intriguingly blotchy shade of brilliant red and Peter's nostrils are flaring like he's scenting for a hunt.

Tags: # explicit, % teen wolf, & teen wolf: chris/peter, & teen wolf: chris/peter/stiles, & teen wolf: chris/stiles, & teen wolf: peter/stiles

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