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you're a head rush, baby
r, hangeng/heechul, 116
hello, things i forgot i'd written ^^;

"No, really, you’re crazy. I'm dead. You’ve killed me."

"I thought dancers were supposed to have stamina. Donghae does."

Hangeng growls and tries to shove Heechul off of him. It sort of works. "I used it up during the day. Dancing."

"Mfltmffswn," Heechul mumbles from somewhere around Hangeng’s ribcage.


Heechul pokes his sternum. "I said, 'Well if you’d let me have a go at Siwon.'"

"You’d break him."

"I’d be gentle! Okay, you’re right, I would, but you’d love to see it, wouldn’t you? Admit it."

Hangeng rolls over and slides two fingertips just inside Heechul, slick and easy. It shuts him up better than he expected.

"I’ll think about it."

dw | ao3

Tags: % suju, & suju: hangeng/heechul

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