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tvxq; have you tried rebooting? (4/?)

have you tried rebooting? (4/?)
pg, junsu/changmin, 1406
in which changmin is a geek, yoochun's his lazy coworker, junsu keeps breaking everything, jaejoong lounges around, and yunho does executive-y things.
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“Seriously. How the hell did this happen?”

“What, you mean everyone waiting until the last possible minute to do something?”

“Uh. Yeah. And expecting us to work miracles. I didn’t get to leave here last night until eight. I’ve had to reschedule my hair appointment three times!”

“Now that’s a tragedy,” Changmin smirks as he eyes Yoochun’s hair just starting to curl around his ears and gets a tongue stuck out at him in reply. “Was it this bad the last time they upgraded everything?”

“Huh? Oh, right. I keep forgetting you haven’t been here longer than everyone, mister know-it-all. No, it wasn’t. Not as many people had computers and those that did knew how to read their email.”

“Didn’t that go out like four months ago? Not to mention, how hard is it to click a link, keep hitting ‘next’ until it asks for your username and password, then wait an hour?”

“You expect far too much.”

“If by ‘too much’ you mean a tiny amount of common sense and the ability to read directions.”

“Yep. Too much.”

Changmin sighs and closes the lid of the laptop in front of him with a tad more force than is absolutely neccesary. “This one’s done. Ah fuck, we’re out of room.”

“We ran out of room two days ago. You’d think as panicked as people were to get their computers worked on they’d come pick them up.”

“Nah, they’ll all come ten minutes before we’re supposed to be gone on Friday since it’s absolutely imperative they have it for the weekend even though they clearly didn’t need it during the week when they’re actually here.”

As if to prove his point, the stack of laptops on Changmin’s desk wobbles precariously as he lays the newest addition on top of the chaos that had descended upon them over the course of the past week. Computers were everywhere. Most of them were laptops, but there were a few desktops piled in a corner with a monitor cable stretched taut between one of them and Changmin’s own screen he had shoved over as far as it would go so he could actually use it. Nearly everything had a sticky note or five taped on it: usernames, passwords, phone numbers, ‘DONE’ scrawled in bright red sharpie. Their entire office looked like a geek game of Jenga about to go horribly wrong.

Someone knocks at the door and Changmin grits his teeth when they ask if they can drop off three more laptops they need back by the end of the day. He keeps from blowing up, barely. Once he’s dropped the stack in Yoochun’s lap, he escapes with a vague “Be back soon” and ignores Yoochun’s protests as he closes the door behind him.

There’s a thud and a small crash but Changmin keeps walking.


Changmin finds himself peeking into Junsu’s office a few minutes later, giving him a sheepish smile and wave.


Looking up from the reports on his desk, Junsu gives him a wary look. “I haven’t broken anything today, I swear.”

Laughing, Changmin shakes his head and answers, “No, no. I was… um. Do you mind if I hide out in here for a little while?”

“Of course I don’t mind,” Junsu says, obviously trying to hide his eagerness, “but someone came and stole my other chair, so…”

Heaving an exhausted sigh, Changmin shrugs and plops down on the floor next to Junsu’s chair, back against the desk as he leans his head back and closes his eyes. “I can’t even see the floor in my office, much less sit on it.”

“The system upgrade thing?”


“Well, you should be proud to know that I did mine all by myself a month ago.”

Cracking one eye open, Changmin gives him a weak grin. “I am proud of you. But you I wouldn’t have minded asking for help.”

Junsu mumbles something too quiet for Changmin to hear but Changmin can see the pleased flush on his cheeks. The next thing he knows, he’s being gently tugged out of his doze with light fingers running through his hair. Something under his head shifts and Changmin has a vague sense of that’s not right but he’s warm and getting petted which in his book kind of makes everything else unimportant.

Eventually, a sharp point digging into Changmin’s spine forces him to move. As he readjusts, it sinks in that the thing in his spine is Junsu’s desk, the comfortable pillow under his head is Junsu’s thigh, and therefore the hand so gently touching his neck must also belong to Junsu.

Changmin stills while thoughts of panic zoom wildly through his head. Junsu’s fingertip brushes a spot just below his ear and Changmin swallows his reaction before it can make it to the open air.

“If you keep doing that, I’m never going to leave.”

Junsu’s laugh is nervous but his touches only falter for the tiniest split second.


Changmin swears Junsu’s voice wasn’t that low before and the desire to hear it like that more often rushes through him with unexpected heat.

“Um,” Changmin answers eloquently, slowly sitting up as Junsu cups the back of his skull.

“Junsu?” A strong voice suddenly cuts in, “Have you gotten those TPS reports done for today yet?”

Junsu pulls back with a jerk and Changmin bites down on his tongue to keep from making a ridiculously disappointed noise.

“Yes sir! They’re right here, and I’ve started on the ones for tomorrow.”

There’s the sound of footsteps and Junsu shuffling paperwork on his desk, then, “Changmin?”

Changmin catches himself before he falls over. “Hi Yunho.”

“Hiding?” Yunho grins and Changmin seriously considers crawling under Junsu’s desk to actually hide. Then the thought leads to other things he could be doing under Junsu’s desk, which is so not what he needs to be thinking about at the moment.

“Hiding,” Changmin gulps. “It’s been a crazy week.”

“I’m sure, I saw the line of people at your office. I hope this one’s not giving you too much trouble.” He points to Junsu who makes an indignant squawk and Changmin shakes his head.

“Nah, not today.”

Yunho laughs then and nods to Junsu as he walks out, saying “I’ll check back later.”

Once he’s out of earshot, Junsu rounds on Changmin.

“Since when have you been on a first name basis with my boss?”

Squirming, Changmin suddenly finds the clock on the wall to be very very interesting. “I, um, fix his computer?”

Junsu raises an eyebrow.

“Okay, okay. He’s supposed to go to the executive support guys, but he always says they’re incompetent and finds me instead.”

Changmin grimaces and Junsu looks entirely unimpressed.

“And Yoochun thinks he’s been hitting on me?”

It’s quiet for one second before Junsu cracks up, shaking his head. “I can’t believe you.”


Junsu’s laugh is infectious and Changmin find himself giggling along with him and slouching against his side.

“Go out with me tonight.”

Caught off guard, Changmin says the first thing that comes to mind. “Huh?”

“You look like you could use a drink.” Junsu shrugs. “And my best friend is a bartender at a place nearby.”

Changmin’s still a little breathless when he answers. “Sure,” he says, and reluctantly unfolds his legs from the floor to stand. “I should be getting back now.”

“Come by when you’re done for the day?”



Yoochun is decidedly displeased with Changmin. He is also about to be buried under an avalanche of laptops.

“Where did you disappear off to and why do you look so happy?”

“No~where,” Changmin singsongs, catching the top of the pile before the whole thing collapses.

“And your hair is all messed up. Why is your hair all messed up?” Yoochun pokes him in the side and nearly makes him drop the whole thing. Changmin ignores him, rearranging the computers so they’re not a slide hazard. He then takes a sheet of white paper and starts writing on it, holding it up when done for Yoochun’s approval.
We are temporarily closed due to high work volume and lack of space. If you are in need of assistance, let your coworkers know that the sooner they come to pick up their stuff, the sooner we can fix yours.


Grinning, Yoochun tapes the sign to the outside of their door and closes it, then spins around to point at Changmin.

“Now ‘fess up. Or else.”

to be continued...

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