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tvxq; the internet is for... (2/?)

the internet is for... (2/?)
pg, yoochun/yunho, 930
when changmin's plans go awry, they really go awry. just ask yoochun and yunho.
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People on the internet, Yunho found out quickly, were crazy. As part of TVXQ, he’d encountered more than his fair share of crazy between the fans, staff, parents, family, and (as much as he’d like to forget that particular incident) anti-fans.

Anonymous dating sites? Those seemed to bring out the complete psychos.

Yunho frowned as he checked his email, going through a few possible replies on the site. From what the people were saying, it looked like Changmin had made him out to be much more appealing than he really was. He made a mental note to go into his profile and make sure Changmin hadn’t exaggerated too much in favor of getting Yunho set up.

are u hot? wana talk sum time?


Check out my site! Hundreds of the best free videos on the internet!!!


Hi. I know this is random but you sounded interesting and cute on your info page and it looks like we have a lot in common. Take a look at my page if you want and maybe we can talk some time. ^^

Save to look at later.

I like COCK, can I suck urs?


“This is never going to work,” Yunho mumbled under his breath to avoid waking the pile of blankets and Changmin across the room.

As clock on his nightstand blinked over to 2:00 AM, Yunho decided to call it a night and try to get three hours of sleep before their shoot the next morning. He’d check his profile when he had more than five minutes to sit online.

They couldn’t all be insane, right?

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Yoochun decided early on that there was no way he could possibly take the whole internet dating thing seriously. Between the nearly non-existent likelihood of finding someone that was actually compatible with him and the chance that someone would discover who he really was, he figured the best course of action would be to pull the mysterious and enigmatic act, keep his expectations low, and see what came about.

“You should really lock your door if you’re going to be watching internet porn. I should know.”

“Hi Changmin, meet my new friend, ‘angelbb85’ and her best assets.”

“She can’t see us, can she?”

“Nah, I told her my webcam was broken. She didn’t seem to care too much.”


“Can’t look away, huh?”


“Strangely mesmerizing.”

“Like a boiling pot of ramen at three am.”

“Earth to Changmin.”

“Those can’t be real.”

“And your point is?”

“...none. Ramen?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Or, you know, he could just use it to cyber. What was the worst that could possibly happen?

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The day had been absolutely and utterly exhausting. Yunho felt tired down to the spaces between the very cells of his body and he wanted nothing but to fall asleep for the next six days. After forty-seven minutes of staring up at the ceiling listening to Changmin’s faint snores (over the years the sounds of the others had become so much white noise), he finally came to the conclusion that he was simply too worn out to sleep.

After contemplating the book on his nightstand (and the strange creepy dream he’d had the last time he read it at bedtime), Yunho sat up and crawled to the foot of the bed to retrieve the laptop he had in his bag on the floor. Muting it, he rearranged his pillows so he could lay back down and see the screen. By the time he was comfortable, everything had loaded, including the last page he’d been on.

The blinking blue banner at the top of the dating site was advertising a new chat service feature. Real time chats weren’t his usual thing; Yunho by far preferred the email method where he could simply not respond if the other person was someone he had no desire to respond to.

Hesitantly, Yunho clicked on the banner and was brought to a chat room that looked like it had about twenty other people in it. Well, the list of users on the side had around twenty names in it. Maybe ten of those seemed to be actually saying anything, not that he could really say much seeing as how he himself was lurking silently.

After watching for a half hour or so, Yunho started noticing odd little things as users came and went. Like how most of the people that used proper grammar and spelling seemed to be into S&M if their user names were anything to go by. Like how much neon pink fonts hurt his eyes. And like how there seemed to be an odd sort of hierarchy. Interesting.

Yunho typed in a greeting tentatively. A few seconds later he blinked in surprise when he was welcomed by a handful of the other users. Even more surprisingly, he found himself drawn into the rambling conversation once he got used to trying to follow two or three trains of thought at once.

When he noticed the early morning sun creeping in under the curtains, he reluctantly bid everyone a good night/morning and logged off with a smile on his face.

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Down the hall, Yoochun gave the laptop sitting on the piano bench next to him a thoughtful glance and closed the lid.

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The next morning when Yoochun slumped against Yunho and Yunho dozed off with his cheek resting on the top of Yoochun’s head in the van on the way to the studio, Jaejoong just gave them a fond look and pulled the shade down while Junsu and Changmin bickered in the back seat.

to be continued...

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