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tvxq; have you tried rebooting? (2/?)

have you tried rebooting? (2/?)
g, junsu/changmin-ish, 967
in which changmin is a geek, yoochun's his lazy coworker, junsu keeps breaking everything, jaejoong lounges around, and yunho does executive-y things.
thanks to chychaai for the beta on this part.

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“Uniforms. They want us to wear uniforms.”

Changmin doesn’t think he’s ever seen Yoochun quite this disgruntled the entire time they’ve worked together. Not even when the secretary from down the hall stopped by to compliment him on his new haircut that was just like her daughter’s. Changmin had laughed for a week straight.

“Didn’t you see the email about it?”

Yoochun raises a skeptical eyebrow. “You expect me to read my own emails? That’s what you’re here for. To tell me the important things. Like uniforms!”

“Don’t be such a baby, it’s just a polo shirt. And it’s not like you follow the dress code anyways. We’re supposed to wear socks.”

Ignoring the comment, Yoochun keeps whining while Changmin tears the tape off the box that had been delivered to their office earlier. “But Minnie…”

A box cutter waving in his face makes Yoochun shut up.

“Hey, you might actually get here on time for once if you don’t have to spend an hour and a half picking out what to wear and getting dressed every morning.”

Point for Changmin.

“How do you know how long it takes me to get dressed!?” Yoochun squawks and pokes Changmin’s shoulder. The look on Changmin’s face when he replies is somewhere between a smirk and disgust.

“Jaejoong. Remember him? The guy that has nothing to do but hang around here and bother us? Your soulmate and master of TMI?”

The paper on top of the pile of shirts draws both of their attention away from the impending argument.

“I’m going to kill Heechul, I swear to every deity there ever was. So.” Pausing to make a face at the note, Changmin clears his throat and starts to read, “Hi there boys! Sorry you two are the last to get your shirts. There was a little problem in the ordering so these are all we have left. The second batch is on backorder so you’ll have to make due for the next three or four weeks. Stop by and let’s see, then. And there’s a wink. With his signature. Why is there a wink?”

Both of them take a step away from the box as if waiting for it to explode, then slowly peek over the top.

“You open it.”

“Nuh uh. The last time we got a box with a message from Heechul it was costumes for the Halloween party. There were sparkles.”

Yoochun and Changmin share a look and a shudder before Changmin takes a deep breath and reaches in to pull out a completely innocuous polo shirt. After he unfolds it and holds it in the air in front of him, it’s obvious that it’s a perfectly normal polo shirt, sky blue with short sleeves and the name of their company embroidered on the left side of the chest.

“It looks…,” Changmin trails off.

“Normal. Huh.”

“I was going to say ‘small’, but… Yeah. Normal. Must be yours.” Tossing the shirt in his hands to Yoochun, Changmin rifles through the rest of the shirts in the box, the furrow in his brow getting deeper the longer he digs. “That must be why Heechul sounded so happy. They’re all size small.”

With far too much glee for someone who was just whining about having to wear a uniform at all, Yoochun eyes Changmin over the top of the material in his hands, looks back at the polo shirt, then back at Changmin. “Oh rea~ally?”

“Don’t even start with me Yoochun.” Changmin’s death glare is good, but not quite good enough to completely straighten out Yoochun’s mouth.

“’Kay. We can always discuss other things. Like how your lunch with Junsu went yesterday.”

Changmin upends the entire box on top of Yoochun’s head and walks out of the office.


The next morning, Yoochun’s already sitting at his computer talking to Jaejoong by the time Changmin comes in. It’s enough of a surprise that Changmin forgets to worry about the impending comments about his rather snug clothing for at least thirty seconds. Jaejoong doesn’t even look up until Yoochun whistles low in his throat. He, however, knows better than to open his mouth. Yoochun, on the other hand, finds a piece of packing tape slapped over his mouth.

“Mmphj! MMMHHM!!”

Jaejoong manages to get a picture of Yoochun with his phone before Yoochun shoves him off his perch on the corner of his desk. With a wink to both of them, Jaejoong’s out the door, snapping a shot of Changmin for good measure.


Changmin’s about ready to re-tape Yoochun’s mouth by the time lunch swings around. During the course of the morning, half of the female staff on their floor had suddenly had a problem with their computers that needed immediate attention and of course, Yoochun was busy so Changmin got to go be pawed over.

When Junsu sticks his head in, Changmin seriously contemplates the merits of flinging himself out the window. Except, in order to do that they’d have to actually have a window and not be using a former closet as an office.

“Here’s my laptop you wanted me to drop off. Sorry it took so long,” Junsu says as he walks in the room, far too happy for someone with a broken computer. “I forgot I’d left the power cord in your arms— I mean—” With cheeks approximately the same shade of red as the light on the xbox in the corner, Junsu backtracks hastily. “In… my car. Um. If that’s all you need I’ll be. Um. Goingnow. Callmewhenit’sdonebye.”

He’s fled the office before Changmin can even say anything, so Changmin just kicks the pile of giggles on the floor, formerly known as Yoochun, on his way to avail himself of the ‘Bang Head Here’ sign they have taped to the wall.

Heechul is so dead.

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