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Your mom.

Your mom.


Where the elite come together, & you better believe it.

___elitefuckers (3 underscores) is a rating community were you are judged on more than your looks. If you consider yourself in that "scene" trend that's going around, go ahead and join. If other people may consider you a "freak", go ahead and join. If others call you a bitch or an asshole, fucking join. We love you.
Males or females. Homosexuals or heterosexuals. Whoever you are, whatever you are, whatever you are into. We want individuals here, people who aren't like everyone else. If you like being another one of the world's clones, that's great for you, continue to be that way, just don't take it here. If you're different from everyone else, this is the place for you.

Creator & Co-Creator

Leandra & Jamie
personalasylum & ____sundaysbest

Leandra and Jamie are here to do whatever they please. They can overrule all members, they can bitch at whoever they want. They own. Whatever you do, do not piss these guys off. You will be banned for the rest of your miserable life. Kapeesh?

Accepted Members.
Rejected/Banned Users.

There are 2 different applications. The FIRST APP is longer and would take more time, but is looked upon more favourably than the SECOND APP which is shorter and has less detail. Please only do ONE application.

You must add the GJ cut yourself. That is not included in the code.

Promotion Banners

For Applicants

Read above to see which application you will be doing, thank you.

1. When you post your application, you must, I repeat, YOU MUST double check to make sure you've read the rules, or it'll be deleted..
2. When you make your application, put "Schifty Five." in the title. If you forget, your application will be deleted.
3. If you get rejected simply for a lack of yes votes, you can re-post your application in exactly one week. If you get rejected a second time, never apply again. Go find another community where they take people like you.
4. You will be stamped after 2-3 days. Even if you know you're going to be accepted, you CANNOT post until that little accepted banner shows up on your application. If you post before you've been stamped, you're banned. You are not allowed to vote on any application until you've been stamped.

For Accepted Members

1. Every post will have "STAMPED // (your name here)" in the subject. Will be deleted if it's not.
2. When you vote on an application, don't simply put "yes" or "no". You have to give reasons why you're saying yes/no to the person, not just "because I like you/don't like you". Give them some reasons why you like them/ don't like them. If I see you doing that, I will warn you three times. If you do it again, I'm removing you from the community.

Your banner depends on who stamps you.

If you're stamped Accepted by Leandra or Jamie you'll see this:

If you're stamped Rejected by Leandra or Jamie, you'll see this:

If you want to be different visit xelitepromo for Accepted, Rejected, Promo, Welcome, Visit & more different banners.

"I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally."