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I'm not getting after people or anything because that'd make me a hypocrite since I'm not thin or muscular either and this is totally true, but damn, mostly everyone I saw today was fat ! I couldn't help myself when we were driving around, I was like, that guy's fat, that cop is fat, that chick is fat....geez! I knew weight problems are an issue here in America but I never actually like made it a focus to be like, hmmm...who's fat that I see?

I've been improving my weight loss plan a lot...I used to do cardio all wrong, I used to think that moderate jogging was wimpy and I'd never lose weight doing that so I would run real fast and be completely out of breath, leading me to assume that I had low endurance. WRONG. I read some articles that I just need to keep my heartrate of 65 percent for at least 20 mins. Jogging gets it up perfectly and it's within my capability.My diet is what I'm working on next, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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Bitches and geese

So Saturday , I was just hanging out trying to weight train since it definitely wouldn't hurt. I've been doing some cardio and to reduce the amount of muscle loss is to weight train. Kinda sucks that you lose both muscle and fat when losing weight, but I will survive - in the name of Aretha Franklin or whatever the fuck her name is. OK, what the hell... I hate random command fuck ups I make when typing and some weird menu comes up. Maybe i should know all these since it's my computer but not yet.... :O

My friend, Goose called me in an upset state and asked if I wanted to hang out, so of course I said yeah. What kind of friend would I be if I said, naw I gotta exercise...peace! Turns out, she and her dad's girlfriend had drama-rama over something, I forget but she friggin walked all the way from her house to the mall to my apt. I think that's pretty far, the amount of miles escapes me at the moment but maybe I'll search that shit later in a map or something.

I thought it'd be a good idea to take a walk at the lake/park for some odd reason, I live one block away from it and I go maybe once or twice a year. My bladder was killing me since it sort of took awhile to walk to the bathroom and when I came back, Goose told me that some freak geese had hissed at her. In my mind, I'm thinking... I really dont believe you...but later I walked by a huge one - it turned its head, opened its mouth to lift its tongue and went SSSSSSSSSS! Pathetically, it was sort of intimidating since it took me by shock...but a good laugh, none the less !

I got a response back from the theme park about some positions opening and they have interviews , first come first serve. Hauling ass as soon as my back gets better !

On a side note, there's this guy who lives one building away and I find him to be the sexiest man I've stumbled upon in real life. Hot damn....
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I rarely do these, soooo...

*stolen from Alana*

Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I adore about you.

Afterwards, copy and paste this into your own journal.
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OK, I was just on the radio singing along to Ringtone Karaoke on 1049. I sometimes call for the hell of it because basically its free shit and if i dont like it, I can sell it somehow. This time I actually got through so I'm like wth and my heart starts pounding. Tonite was Maroon 5's 'This love' and I totally butchered it and was practically laughing my ass off on the radio. Well the cool thing was is that I got tickets to this premiere for that new Ashton Kutcher movie (for sure I'm at least trying to sell those) and 4 tickets to some Home and Garden expo. Gross and they played it again and the DJ pretended she didnt mean to, K I'm laughing on the inside and shit, really. :P
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Uhhh, if you're looking for depth, i'd look away hehe

Lately, I've been becoming more in tune w/ my superficial side (being a Gemini, of course). It's my nature! I've tried some concealers to improve my complexion because I have some acne scars that give me a rosy red cheeky look and some other discolorations that I don't like. Might I say, it gives my complexion a really different look and it doesn't look that obvious I'm wearing anything on. I noticed I'm treated differently when I primp up, like people are nicer to me and I get more stares.I went yesterday to get a moisturizer and shave cream at Whole Foods and the lady actually seemed like she wanted to assist me because I couldn't find the products for the life of me, lol. I can't complain about it, but it's not my real motive for wanting to look my best.

I read up some plastic surgery websites on rhinoplasty lately and it's becoming more and more appealing, so I'm going to save up for that. It's going to be like 4 months to save up but I feel it's worth the risks and money for my shnozz.It just isn't proportion to my other features and takes the attention away from them.

I was watching the news today and some old guy drove off the road and into a lake that's a block away from my house. Nothing ever exciting happens around here, so I'm like WHOA! Three cats also died in a cat carrier, though. :'( I heart cats! We adopted the alley ones that come here , Gageetha (that's how it sounds, but it's spanish so I don't know how to spell it) and Butterscotch . Then there's the annoying one that belongs to a chinese lady a few houses down I call the moocher, Butch. He's not homeless, not an alley cat but totally grubs away the other cats food and I'm like uh, this is for poor alley cats, not you! Go home.

My brother sent us some pics of his wife, Sunyoung and his son, Leon who was just born on the 6th there in Korea ! I'm really happy for them and I'm still a bit taken aback that I'm an uncle now. Uncle Josh..holy crap. They're coming here in the summer and I think it'll be cool being around a baby. I've never been around one in my life except passing them in grocery stores !

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The ring 2

The Ring 2 definitely didn't impress me and honestly, I wasn't expecting it to last nite, hehe. Despite how boring I can be sometimes, I can also be spontaneous and do random things at's prolly the worst and best quality I have of being like multiple people in one ! And whoa, even late at nite there's still gorgeous guys around at the theatre. Yes, yes...I don't expect people to be surprised and I'm beginning to embrace my sexuality more and more. I proudly give a middle finger to anyone who may have a problem with it! :)