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Damn, what's up with all these crazy homeless people today approaching us? i was just out with my friend and two crazay homeless guys approached us on two different occasions, wtf! one of em was screaming about sharks and shite. uh, ok. A few days ago , this guy had a myspace headline that said "Real men eat pussy" so i was like , o god. I messaged him and told him real men suck cock :D . It was cool coz he didnt even get anal about it,he's just all...o I guess I'm not a real man then, lol :)'. mostly coz I prolly didnt really mean it...well mostly I did, haha. but not totally maliciously. I don't want to go to work at 8 AM tomorrow! i'm working at AVIS now...hopefully this lady stays nice, man.

Some days I don't want to wait anymore for that click with a guy, I just want to settle for the next guy that comes along that likes me. it's been kind of awhile since I've been with a guy.

I really need to get that Sweet Escape remix.

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