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everybody move yo body

omg, I love hookah. I went tonite to this new place, Hookah nites or something...agh! i forget the name. but at first we thought it was a place that just sold hookah crap but it was a lounge so after I was bitching to D about how I hate downtown at nite *esp on the fucking weekends, ew* coz of all the people pimping their rides with horrid rap, the hoochies with barely anything on looking for's kinda sad in a way and don't even get me started with the stripe shirts on the guys...attire for looking for poontang. overall, not my damn scene but whatever...being the easy going dork I am, I went anyway...I kind of am glad I went coz that hookah lounge OWNS. we paid for our strawberry passion hookah and went on our merry lil way. so we're just chillin out there, thinkin how cool this place is,ranting about things/people...trying to enjoy ourselves and here comes this HOT dude and i'm like, shit...oh baby lol. but then I saw him in the light and I think eh...not that big of a deal...but still sexy :)

Today i broke a mirror. O.O it was under my dictionary so I didnt see the thing when i put my foot on it and I hear this CHINK and then bam....last nite I saw TCM;the beginning...Jordanna Brewster is hot! and that means something coming from a gay man. this movie was actually pretty funny a lot of the time cause the sheriff is this wise-crackin asshole and a part where the fat lady gets sandwiched between the table and the door , so a lot of the movie-goers were laughing and clappin. God that family is so psychotic, it's not right lol. they eat people parts. ugh. I saw a chick downtown tonite that looked like that Forbidden broad on myspace...cept this chick was even more stick-like. we go by and this black dude starts singing "White girl, white girl, white girl"

I really dont like downtown.

Yesterday i realized this guy at work looks like one of those freaky black magic guys from horror movies...yanno the guys that do voodoo dolls and shit. he even has that intense stare. O.O I need a second job, but there's no correlation between the two. lol. I don't really mind Little Caesar's that beats the hell out of Subway and I dont have to deal with customers craning their necks over my work. PLus, it's pizza! one of the next best things to an orgasm.

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