synergy (_synergy) wrote,

she aint messin with no broke...

Last nite I went out to keep D company at her volunteer thingie over at sisterspirit. So we get there and the chick that looks like she's going to be doing the training, looks like a mean ass bulldyke (she ended up being pretty nice and cool) so we're bullshitting and all that, some gay guys walk by and look at me. I swear now that I've realized being single works best for me at the moment, a lot more guys seem to be checking me out now. Anyways, life is funny. And i'm having a pain in my ass right now, literally. haha. Jenna Jameson is single now, wow. I'm not even going to say the whole stuff about them seeming so happy together because people can act so ya. I was supposed to go to this Tattoo thingie expo today but nope, i dunno what happened. O,O I had a weird dream last nite about Jason Voorhees (AGAIN) and I shot an arrow in his eye and I just tried to keep killing him, wtf? In all these different ways. It's hot right now and I want to go to a bar to meet some dudes. Then again, i dont. o,o it's weird when you have two different dreams back to back, i dunno if i woke up and had to pee between...but i dreamt i was in the woods and saving cats. o.O it was nite time, too. *shakes head*

"Now i aint saying she a gold digger, but she aint messin with no broke...'
Tags: freaky

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