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i am not fucking dead!

OMG! it's been, like, forever since I wrote in this thing. Yes, a fake valley girl moment. yup. OK I met this dude, I thought we'd hit it off but I dont really think we did. :| WHOMP WHOMP At least he was hot,tho. Which is ok, because he seemed a little too wild for my taste and kind of conceited. Wait, a lil more than kind of, lol. D and I were over at the community center yesterday and this guy would not leave us alone, he kept talking our ears off and we would barely even continue the convo so Im like ready to grab a noose right there and then. He was kinda cool but just something about him was irky. o.O It was so cute to see D and her old friend, Markis catch up 'cause he just moved back from out of state and they hadnt seen each other in like 4 years or so. They seemed like they were really bonded and all that, it was so corny haha.

It's been like months and I'm still listening to Kelis' song, 'Bossy'. it just doesn't get old. Tehe, and yesterday I found AA (Amphibious Assault)'s myspace page, and Fallon is lookin hot. She looks so normal now, it's scawey. I guess without bright red hair , that'll do it. Yes, I found out that my neighbors are moving by the end of the month *dances obnoxiously*. I might be going to this Tattoo Expo in SF this weekend with D , I've decided I really want a good, hot colorful tattoo on my shoulder goin a little down to my upper arm. I think it'd be cool, but ya never know. @_@

and what in the hell, I just checked my Myspace and this guy I remember from high school wants to add me, whoa, I know he's a friend of Dorothy HAHA. Doesn't say on his profile but cmon, drama club, seems kinda femme and cute in boyish way (which isnt my thing, I must say lol).
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