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OK, so you guys remember I was telling you about my neighbor chick, standing by her kitchen table with the window open all topless and everything? (as if my gay-ass needed to see tits,c'mon.) Well I was walking out to the apartment staircase which of course, is right by their window and what do i see? That same chick with nothing but panties and a shirt on, but all hunched up in her jelly butt-crack! Once again, immediately embarrassed, I turned away but just as my eyes averted, I see her husband creepily looking out the window and our eyes met....Yeah, I definitely need my own house, like now!

My brother came to visit from Korea with his wife and my nephew, it was my first time holding a baby so whenever it started to almost cry, I became very uncomfortable. After awhile, my tension eased so I started to eventually make the baby laugh by making weird faces, one of which almost made him cry. My face can be scary, I assume! My brother and I got into a heavy disagreements because frankly, I was annoyed with being persistently questioned why I like certain things. Er, it wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't in a tone that conveyed disapproval. I mean seriously, if we all liked the same things, no one would be interesting. Later I apologized because I felt bad so things got patched up. Hmmm, I've been feeling like I need to get some things off of my chest so I made an appointment to talk with a therapist. Very very awkward to talk about things because I usually only talk about my uncertainties with people whom I feel are going through some of the same things as i am, but nonetheless, I'll try . :P Hope everyone takes care. *hearts*

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