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Go see the 40 Year Old Virgin, if you haven't already! It's hysterical, honestly I haven't laughed that hard at a theatre in a long time...or maybe that's because I rarely see comedies and only horrors and shit? Probably, but anyways, I met up with this guy we'll call Martha on here (lol, it sounds similar) and there wasn't really any chemistry from the picture that I saw of him while we were conversing online (totally let him know that since he made it pretty clear he found me attractive, I couldn't lead him on since I've been in that boat before), but I told him 'Hey, you seem nice and easy going anyway, if you want to hang out, I'd love to." Not much to my surprise, we met late last nite and he still tried to fondle me a few times and I was just scooching a little bit away , hoping he'd get the hint! Repetition is key, I've been told, so I did that a lot....

I feel lucky because I had prayed for another gay friend would come about and I hope that we'll still be friends (Cue cheesy, after-school special music). He invited me to this party tomorrow but I'm still considering whether or not I'll go, it seems to be a mix of a little social gathering and um, yeah - just use your imagination (but keep my image out of it, thanks. :P ).

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