August 17th, 2008

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This is actually kind of scary, I've never had a semi-phone stalker/creep all over me before. I went out to Hunter's club like 2 weeks ago and you know, when you're drunk and just out having fun, you don't really care about a whole lot, so I was just dancing with this guy who was hanging out with all of us and being kind of flirty. I didn't even realize i was giving him a lap dance on the back patio. I gave him my number and this guy left 4 voice mails in a row, one saying how much he loves me.

how weird. and creepy.I don't know the guy for shite and barely said 4 sentences to him.

It's crazy because I never believed that nightmares could be like a crystal ball into the future, but some cultures believe in that, and 2 weeks earlier I had a dream I was being led on by this guy. he ends up saying he wants to cut my throat and I have a drill going into my head, and I wake up freaked out. hmmm, not exactly the same as what's up right now , but a little similar.
I'm not going to let this crap stop me from going out and trying to have fun and dance because i love shaking my ass out there. not this crap or lame bar/club gossip about who fucks who(I went home with a barback one nite, the next thing I know he's like telling people), it's like high school all over again.

other than that, I've been worrying about some stupid crap lately and it really needs to stop. :\
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