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when you can live forever, what do you live for?
Continue to speak of love only out of my lips
16th-Oct-2010 11:04 pm - ..continue..
cCollapse )
16th-Oct-2010 10:51 pm - frigging huge icon update!
This update contents all the newer icons + all the older icon!

sailor moon
angel sanctuary
magic knight rayearth
kimi wa pet
kaichou wa maid-sama
last quarter
fruits basket
ayashi no ceres
card capture sakura
count cain


follow the cutCollapse )
the rest
3rd-Nov-2005 09:30 pm(no subject)
42 x fruits basket
8 x card captor sakura
8 x rurouni kenshin
32 x nana
8 x nana live
16 x hyde

here are some new iconsCollapse )
10th-Sep-2005 03:02 pm(no subject)

me and my silly icon making obsession are back! xD

under the cut:
34 x sailor moon
10 x Angel Sanctuary
09 x Magic Knight Rayearth
04 x misc
follow the cutCollapse )

if taking any:
[ x ] comment
[ x ] credit in keyword (if you don't know how to credit go here! :)
[ x ] enjoy!
31st-Aug-2005 09:23 pm(no subject)
Hihihii, I had lots of fun making these ^_^

95 x NaNa
04 x NaNa Live Action
12 x Paradise Kiss

mucha kucha NANA iconsCollapse )
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